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In this issue...

1. Your responses to the Victoria emails
2. Ink eraser pens and Member Offer
3. Have we got your details correct?

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Welcome to the February 2006 issue of your Left-Handers Newsletter. Wow - did we create a storm with the feature last month on the email we received criticising us and the Club! We had over 700 detailed responses within the first 3 weeks after the newsletter totaling more than 130,000 words of comment back from Club members - that is equivalent to more than 2 full-length novels!

Your responses to the Victoria emails

This item is clearly something that members feel very strongly about - we have never had such a huge response before. Thank you for all your comments and suggested responses to Victoria - there is a huge amount of personal experiences, challenges with being left-handed for yourselves and your children and some really funny replies. We really empathised with a lot of the heartfelt views expressed and were honoured that you could share your insight, warmth and humour with us and other Club members.

If you missed the original emails or need a reminder, Click this link to see last month's newsletter

Here are a few snippets that will give you a flavour of what your responses were like...

I am utterly offended by what I have just read as I went through hell at school, shouted at by teachers for putting my paper at a slant to help me stop smudging my work and not cutting paper straight. Name calling, such as cack-handed, witch, clumsy. No I am not disabled nor am I Victorian. But, I live in a right handed world, that to a certain extent I have had to adapt...

I think that Victoria has misconstrued the nature and aims of the lefthanders website. I feel exceptionally proud to be left handed and actually relish the fact that it makes me different .... I myself know several friends and acquaintances who have been victimised for being left handed, taunted as devil worshipers and the like, and been forced to use their right hands or face punishment and I can assure you I am not from the Victorian age, I am 27! ...

Is this Victoria in some sort of institution !!! I cannot believe that ANYBODY who is left-handed or has family who is left-handed would say such a "STUPID" thing. I have an 11 year old son who is left handed and this site is a mine of information, it gives me a little bit of peace of mind to know if we have a problem concerning being left-handed we have a valuable resource we can search and 99% of the time find a resolution to our problem.

I have lots of friends from home The Gambia who were beaten as kids for using the wrong hand ie left hand and this is still being done...

I have no problem either been left handed, but I love this site, it's given me a lot and I read the on line newsletter with interest ... so please keep those nasty horrible comments to yourself Victoria I know you are entitled to your opinion but please let others enjoy this wonderful site

If you don't like the website, go somewhere else and start your own club. 
P.S. - get a life while you're at it!"

And hundreds more like these containing a huge amount of really valuable information and a lot of suggested responses that gave us a great laugh in the office but we could not possibly share!

We have spent hundreds of man (and woman) - hours reading all the responses, categorising them and putting them into a usable format and we really think that all left-handers will benefit from reading them. There is far too much information to put into an email or web page so we have produced it as an eBook that allows us to structure it with proper navigation in a format you can save to your local PC and read at your leisure.

Click here for the download links and instructions for the free eBook "LHClub vs Victoria"

BTW - there is a link at the top of the eBook saying "Email to a friend" - if you know any other left-handers or parents or teachers of left-handed children, please click the link to pass on details of the free eBook so they can see it as well - it will open up a standard email and you can edit it to put their name or other details in. They can use the same free access codes as you and they are included in the email - please pass it on to as many people as possible so they can all enjoy this great story!

If you would like to add your own comments, you can either follow the link in the eBook or go to the form in last months newsletter - we will keep reviewing your comments and do an updated version of the eBook later.

Member offer - Free Ink Eraser pens with Stabilo rollerball

A lot of people have asked us how to erase the blue ink in our cartridges and the Stabilo 's Move rollerball pens - children and adults all make mistakes occasionally! You can get special eraser pens that just dissolve the blue ink and make it disappear, you then use the special blue fibretip on the other end of the pen to write over the cleared area.

To make sure you can get the ones that really work, we have been testing extensively and have just started stocking the Manuscript eraser / corrector pens that work like magic.

How the ink eraser works

If you have made a mistake with blue washable ink, wait a few seconds for the ink to dry then just write over the mistake with the white eraser pen and the special fluid will remove the blue ink.

It is intended for use on paper but it also works on material (children's clothes), although there is no guarantee!

How the ink corrector works

Once you have erased the original blue ink just use the blue end of the corrector pen with its fine fibre tip to write over the corrected area and correct your mistake. The correction then becomes permanent.

Which inks can it erase?

Based on our own testing, it works perfectly with BLUE ink for the Stabilo rollerballs, Pelikan blue ink cartridges that we advise for all our cartridge pens and the blue Stabilo non-smudge Elastic Writer fibretip (now with a new cap design that can be pushed onto the end of the pen when in use).

Note that most black inks are permanent and cannot be erased with these pens.

Member offer

We have created a discounted writing pack for members - you just pay the normal price for a Stabilo pen and spare set of 6 cartridges and we will add a FREE set of 2 eraser pens, Free set of 2 of our new slogan pencils and Free Lefty window sticker!

Click here to order your pack now

Stabilo s' Move left handed rollerball pens Stabilo s' Move rollerball refills

You can choose the colour for your pen and also whether you want it left-handed or right-handed

New left-handed pencils

You may not have seen our new silver left-handed pencils - with the slogan printed so you can only read it when held in the left hand of course - there are 2 free in the pack.

Ink eraser and corrector pensWindow srticker with left-handed slogan

The window sticker is repositionable and requires no glue, just a wipe with a damp cloth to make it stick to the inside of the window. Size : 50mm x 200mm (2" x 73/4" approx.)

The total price for the pack is only £7.39 (£4.99 for a Stabilo pen with 3 blue ink refills, £2.40 for 6 extra blue cartridges and the 2 pencils, £2 eraser/corrector pens and window sticker free)

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You can also order any of the items individually if you want - click the images above to link to the product pages.

Have we got your details correct?

We try to get everyone's name correct and we would also like to know which country you are in. The details we have on our records for your membership are showen in the text version of the newsletter that was sent o you by email.

If they are not correct, click the link below to change them or add your country

You need to enter your email address (the same one we have sent your text newsletter to) and any items that need changing.


Best wishes to you all and we will be in touch again soon with more news and views

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

We enjoy receiving your emails but due to the number received we cannot always answer them all personally.
We do read every one and consider them for inclusion in future newsletters or the web site.

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