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1. 2006 Backwards calendar available frëe
2. Left-handed men earn more than right-handers
3. Gift boxes for Christmas
4. Last ordering dates for Christmas delivery
5. Are lefty children being penalised in tests?
6. Volunteers needed for a TV documentary

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Welcome to the November issue of your Left-Handers Newslëtter. Thank you to all of you that sent in new words and phrases for "left-handed" – we love hearing your anecdotes, and are constantly adding new information to the website.

2006 Backwards calendar now available FRËE

Click on the image to download a copy of our unique backwards calendar for 2006 - you can print it in A4 size and see how your friends and colleagues get on with working out dates going from right to left

Have fun!

Backwards calendar 2006

Left-handed men earn more than right-handers

A new study from the Department of Economics at University College Dublin reveals that the earning power of left-handed men is 4pc greater than that of men who are right-handed. Certain professions are particularly suited to the traits of left-handers, who have often been cited as making excellent entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, and politicans like Bill Clinton. Clinton was actually the third left-handed president in a row after George Bush and his predecessor Ronald Reagan.

This backs up psychological evidence suggesting left-handers are more creative and neurological studies that have shown that male left-handers are better at thinking 'outside the box' than their right-handed counterparts and are also better able to deal with new situations. This gives them better ability to adapt to previously unknown situations.

Another explanation for the possible advantage enjoyed by left-handers may have to do with the structure of the brain. The main connection between the two hemispheres of the brain is the corpus callosum, a thick band of tissue which has been found to be larger in left-handed men, which could allow a more rapid thought process. This may also explain why the findings only relate to men. Unfortunately left-handed women were found to earn 4pc less than women who were right-handed.

The Economic Consequences of being Left-handed : Some Sinister Results by Kevin Denny and Vincent O’Sullivan.

For more examples of high-achieving left-handers visit our famous left-handers section
And have a look at the results of our Left-Handers Lifestyle survey to see more about the careers left-handers choose and avoid.

Gift boxes for Christmas

If someone in your family is left-handed, you can buy the perfect gift for then from the new range of Left-Handers Gift Sets we have launched this Christmas. To take the guesswork out of gift buying, there are sets for Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandad, and Junior and Teenage Childrens Sets. Each set contains the most useful and popular left-handed gifts for that age-range, and comes packed in a stylish Left-Handers Gift Box in silver and black.

Christmas gift box for left-handed children

The picture shows our selection for left-handed children and we also have gift boxes for:

Click here to see the full range

We have also put all of our low-priced stocking-fillers into a special section of the web site so you can shoose those little extra gifts that make the day special
Left-Handed stocking filler gift ideas

Last ordering dates for Christmas delivery

As always, we will be sending your orders out by first class post or airmail on the working day after they are placed. The last posting dates we have been given by the various postal services we use means that the last dates for placing your order to get pre-Chirstmas delivery are:

Last dates for orders to be received by us for delivery before Sunday 25 December 2005
United Kingdom
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
USA, Canada, Japan
Other outside Europe
Tuesday 20 December
Monday 12 December
Friday 9 December
Friday 9 December
Wednesday 7 December

Please order as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

Are lefty children being penalised in tests?

The writing skills test for five year olds required by Primary schools in the UK are penalising boys in general and left-handers in particular according to journalist Stevie Deane writing in the Daily Telegraph recently.

Far too little is known in schools about the differing speed of development regarding handedness in children, and few teachers are aware that left and mixed-handed children are often much slower to develop writing skills, with some not settling on a dominant writing hand until the age of 8 or 9. Fortunately, once handedness is decided, these children usually catch up, and often overtake their right-handed counterparts in terms of dexterity with their dominant hand.

To read the article by Stevie Deane on Patrick's experiences in various schools visit

You can find advice in our FAQ pages on helping left-handed children with writing and other skills .

Volunteers needed for TV documentary on left-handedness

Were you brought up as a right-hander only to discover your natural left-handedness later in life? Did you 'change back' to using your left-hand? If, so what effect did this have on you? Did you find it changed the way your creative mind works? Have you always suspected you might be left-handed but not yet put it to the test? Or was your creative side unlocked after brain surgery or a stroke?

Televisionary is an independent TV production company based in the South West of England, developing a documentary proposal about 'sudden artistic output' which can be triggered by reverting back to natural left-handedness and also as a consequence of strokes. If this applies to you or someone you know, we would love to hear your story. Please contact Anna Fox in confidence and without obligation by emailing anna@televisionary.co.uk


Best wishes to you all and we will be in touch again soon with more news

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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