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In this issue...

1. Happy Left-Handers Day - August 13th
2. New - Tough Cut shears & hair thinning scissors
3. Back to School - get the best tools for school now

4. New - Writing practice books specially for lefties

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Happy Left-Handers Day - August 13th

Left handers face some unusual day-to-day challenges!


Firstly let us wish a HAPPY LEFT-HANDERS DAY to all our members! We sincerely hope that you will be marking the day in some way, and celebrating our right to be left-handed among your family, friends and colleagues. Remember, this is the one day you can GET YOUR OWN BACK on the right-handers who have it their own way for the rest of the year!

We have been busy updating the official Left-Handers Day website ready for you to visit, and there are lots f chances to win some fab prizes in the Sinister Quiz and Hot Hand Hunt.

There's also just enough time to download your exclusive Left-Handers Day posters from the site, and make your own Lefty Zone at home or work. Make using your left hand compulsory in your Lefty Zone and right-handers will soon realise how awkward things are for us on a daily basis. That way everyone will know just how special we Left-Handers are!!

Enjoy YOUR day, and please email us to let us know how you chose to celebrate the day - we even have a special prize for the best Left-Handers Day photo, so keep your camera handy!

It seems that a lot of the quirks that we have are a result of being left-handed in a right-handed world. Click this link to see the page we have created with all the best comments we received from members and see how many you identify with. There is also a form for you to add your own comments.

The quirk that started it all was social kissing, and you can read a selection of anecdotes about that on our kissing confusion page.

Our own Lefty Zone this year will be in the Times Square shopping centre in Sutton, Surrey on Saturday 13th August and we have sent out press releases about Left-Handers Day and the Is it me? survey to press and radio contacts around the world, so watch out for stories in your local media.

Tough Cut shears - first in the world

Members have been asking for these for years and we have finally found a manufacturer who will make them for us at a sensible price. These are absolutely unique - the first and only left-handed Tough Cut shears in the world!

Left handed Tough Cut Shears

These strong serrated blades will cut through most things including thick material, heavy card, plastics and thin metals. Used by paramedics for cutting clothing and seatbelt straps - essential in any serious first aid kit and great for general use. Overall length 7.5 in / 190mm

Only GBP 4.95 per pair
Click here to order yours now

We have also managed to get some left-handed hair thinning scissors made - again for the first time ever.

Precision cut-outs in one of the blades allow thinning without reducing overall hair length - as used by professional barbers and hairdressers. With a rubber stop between the handles, finger post and a really smooth action, these are ideal for use at home to trim your family’s hair. 140mm / 5.5 inches in length
Click here to order your scissors
Left handed hair thinning scissors

Back to School!

Now is the time for little lefties to be getting ready for their first day back at school, and we have the best tools to make sure that being left-handed doesn't hold them back.

We all know the importance of having the correct equipment, and to help you find the best stationery sets for your child, we have made up special packs according to their age. Each pack provides left-handed equipment that will really help them, and gives you a great discount on the individual prices too!

Now with the NEW Left-Handed writing skills Book 1 (see below)

Off to school pack, age 4 - 6 (code S20) £19.95

Back to school junior, age 7-11(code S21) £19.85

Back to school senior, age 11+(code S22) £29.45

New - Left Handed Writing Skills books

We are delighted to introduce the first ever learning programme specifically designed to help left-handed children with their writing. For use at home, where parents can work with their child, this series comprises 3 individual books for the different stages of development.The books are A4 in size (210 x 297mm), spiral bound at the top, for left-handers' comfort and each one includes guidance notes on writing technique and skills development plus 28 full colour worksheets, each with guidance and tips.

There is also a lined practice sheet that you can photocopy and a reference guide to the correct left-handed formation of all the letters and numbers. Every page has delightful illustrations and clear, specific tips for improving left-handed writing skills.

Left handed writing skills book 1

Click here to find out more about these books and see example pages
Click here to order your books now

Left handed writing skills book 3

Handwriting remains a vitally important skill, which takes perseverance and practice. For left-handers, though, development of the skill of handwriting - in the "right-handed" world where text runs from left to right - needs a little more help. The lack of provision for left-handed children in many schools can result in frustration, not just in handwriting development, but later where it is essential for essays, notes and homework.

Anything Left-Handed highly recommend this unique series dedicated to establishing good writing habits in left-handers, and filled with entertaining exercises to help your child learn, revise and consolidate the skill of handwriting.

Have a great Left-Handers Day and we will be in touch again soon with more news

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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