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Left-Handers Club Newsletter - July 2005

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In this issue...

1. Is it me? Your thoughts on lefty problems
2. Left-handed knives - Your responses to our survey
3. Left-Handers Day! Get ready to celebrate!
4. Members offer : 20% off all Essentials Packs
5. 'Lefties do it Right!' Baseball Cap special offer

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Is it me? Your thoughts on lefty problems

Left handers face some unusual day-to-day challenges!


Along with the problem of greeting people with a kiss we also received comments on other things that made us think....is it just me or is there more to it? Some of the things that were mentioned were:

  • crossing other peoples paths/position on pavement
  • hugging
  • taking neighbours drink/bread roll at dining table
  • direction of work, decorating/painting rooms
  • being helped to put on a jacket
  • receiving change
  • putting children's socks and shoes on
  • using your left-hand as a point of reference when giving directions
  • feeling more comfortable sitting on the left hand side of things
  • putting belts on upside down
  • visualise things the opposite way around
  • trouble opening/locking locks
  • work stations flow the opposite way around
  • organising files "back to front"

It seems that a lot of the quirks that we have are a result of being left-handed in a right-handed world. Click this link to see the page we have created with all the best comments we received from members and see how many you identify with.

The quirk that started it all was social kissing, and you can read a selection of anecdotes about that on our kissing confusion page.

Left-handed knives - your responses

In the last issue of the newsletter we included a short survey asking whether people had ever had any problems with knives and asking for your thoughts. Again, we had a huge response and thank you to all of you who took time to participate. Here are some of the comments we received:

Left handed bread knife

I bought a left handed bread knife from your shop several years ago and it is one of the best items I have ever purchased. I can now cut bread in even slices without making a mess of the whole loaf! Cutting a French stick is no problem. I no longer have to ask my husband to cut my bread for me!!
~ Dr Claire Woodfield, Scotland

I have no problems cutting bread/food because I've used products from the Anything Left-Handed shop, including knives, for many years. I always use my left-handed bread knife. My left-handed vegetable knives enable me to cut e.g. cucumber straight. Incidentally, my left-handed York style potato peeler is the one implement I'd hate to have to do without. A final word about bread knives - the index finger of my right hand will always bear the scar which is the result of a self-inflicted injury - when I was 7 years old I tried to cut a slice of bread, obviously using a right-handed knife with my left hand, and sliced into my finger instead! ~ Nancy Shepherd, Bahrain

Wow, I had no idea that my problems with cutting softer food like bread came from what side the knife was serrated on! I thought I was just a sloppy cutter in general. I find the same to be true when I try to cut cheese or even tomatoes into slices. What a catharsis to find out that it's not just me and the way I cut! Thank you! ~ Chris, USA

To be honest with you I thought a left-handed knife was just a gimmick (all my knives were right-handed), I thought I was just useless at cutting bread until I read about it on your website and thought I'd give cutting a loaf of bread a try with my right hand instead of my usual left. The difference was startling and now ALL my knives are left-handed.

I think we can safely say IT IS NOT JUST YOU - it is your knives!

You can see some more of the responses on our lefty-knives page

Left-Handers Day is 13th August 2005

Join in the 13th annual celebration of left-handers superiority!! All year round, we compromise with home and office layouts designed for right-handers’ comfort – put up with doors, cookers, sinks, computer mice, keyboards and desks that are efficient for right-handers to work at, and hundreds of times every day we contort ourselves using back-to-front tools and gadgets that make us look clumsy and awkward in our efforts to make them work.

Download free left handers day posters
There is a wide range of free posters available to download from our lefthandersday.com web site

But not on LEFT-HANDERS DAY! Because on this special day, it is your chance to GET YOUR OWN BACK on your right-handed friends colleagues and family, by designating your personal space as a LEFTY ZONE where everything must be done left-handed! Download our unique Lefty Zone posters for prominent display, plus any others from our selection of FREE LEFT-HANDERS DAY POSTERS. Re-arrange the room for your convenience, and settle down to enjoy the Left-Handers Day website, totally dedicated to YOU!

The media are always very interested in our Left-Handers Day celebrations, and their support is vital to us in our efforts to highlight left-handers' needs. This year, media attention will be focused on the quirks and habits we lefties adopt in a backwards world, as detailed in our "Is It Me" section. If you have any anecdotes you wish to add to this section, please Click Here To Email them to Lauren as soon as possible, and have them included on our special Left-Handers Day website.

However you choose to celebrate Left-Handers Day - whether it's at home with friends, or with a full-blown display or event in your town - please Click Here to let us know by Email so we can build a list of celebrations happening on the Day. You may even be asked to appear on TV or radio! We need your help to spread the message, and want the world to see that we are proud to be left-handed and a huge number of us are celebrating being a superior minority!

We regret we cannot enter into personal correspondence but your email will be read and considered for possible inclusion in a future newsletter or on our web site.

Members Offer : 20% off Left-Handed Essentials

If you're planning to celebrate Left-Handers Day (which we sincerely hope you are!) then you will need to gather all your precious left-handed pens and gadgets around you, so you can explain to all the right-handers who ask (and believe us, they will....) "What's so different about being left-handed, then?" Then you can adopt a very patient, slightly superior tone (you're allowed - it's your Day) and show them how your left-handed tools work beautifully compared to their rotten right-handed versions.

Left handed essentials

If you've mislaid your backwards ruler, or your scissors have been swiped don't worry! We're giving you 20% of every Essentials Pack in our range (and they were all discounted already from the individual product prices), so you can invest in the perfect tools for your home, desk, garden and hobby, and display them proudly on Left-Handers Day.

Click here to see the range of packs on offer. Ends on Left-Handers Day 13th August 2005.

Baseball Caps offer

Pete and Katie showing off their lefty baseball caps
Katie and Pete showing off their baseball caps
Don't forget to wear your "Lefties do it Right!" baseball cap on Left-Handers Day! Keith wears his on the golf course, which really confuses other players, as he plays golf right handed (a lefty doing it right!). Pete in our office has the light blue one, which he has worn faithfully since the day we first received them. Everyone's very impressed by his dedication, but it may just be that he's done it up too tightly and can't get it off!

Send us a picture of you wearing your "Lefties do it Right!" baseball cap, and we will send a prize to the one in the most exotic / unusual location. We will also do a page of them for other members to see.

Club Members can buy a Baseball Cap now at the special offer price of UK Pounds 5.95 (Normally £9.95, offer ends 13th August 2005). Click here to go to our online shop and get one for yourself . They have an adjustable buckle at the back (not the cheap plastic ones!) so one size fits all - available in dark blue, light blue, red or black

Baseball cap close up


We hope you enjoyed the 'Is it just me' and 'lefty knives' surveys and we will be bringing you more great lefty info and offers very soon. Please forward this newsletter to any other lefties you know so they can join in the fun as well.

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

We enjoy receiving your emails but regret that due to the number received we cannot answer them all personally. We do read every one and consider them for inclusion in future newsletters or on our web site.

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