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1. Kissing confusion - your responses
2. Left-handed knives - what do you think?
3. Get a free Yoro Pencil
4. Garden pruners at 60% discount

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Welcome to the June edition of the Left-Handers Club newsletter.

Is it just me? Kissing is not the only confusion!

What a great response we had from you on this topic! It seems we left-handers commonly do clash with friends when trying to plant a greeting kiss on their cheek. As we explained in our last newsletter, a left-hander's instinct is to move to their own right side and try to kiss on the left cheek of their friend. The trouble is that most right-handers do the opposite and it ends up with an embarrassing clash of noses or, even worse, lips!

Lots of you completed our questionnaire and your experiences made very interesting reading - we have posted a selection of them on our website to help other left-handers answer the question we all asked ourselves before this came up .... is it just me? Now you know that it's not - it's a left-handed thing!

This got us, and many of our members, thinking about what other little quirks we lefties have in common, but that we have never put down to our left-handed instinct?
Take a look at our page on your responses and you will see some of the ones that came up. If you do the same thing, or if you think of any other possible left-handed traits, we want to hear from you, so email us NOW! to lauren@anythingleft-handed.co.uk

Left-handed knives - what do you think

We recently received an email about left-handed knives that got us thinking again about a subject that always causes confusion and we would be very interested to know what you think. Linda in the UK said...

"A few years ago I was looking for a new set of kitchen knives. The ones liked best looked and felt different - although I did not  know why. When I got home and used the bread knife I was amazed that I could cut my bread better.

It was only when I saw your shop about a year later that I looked at a left handed knife and noticed that the blade was the same as mine. After having a disagreement with my mother about it your shop manager explained that it was a left handed knife, serrated on the right side of the blade, and that was why I could cut food properly (I wasn't going mad after all).

Like most people I thought left-handed knives were just a gimmick, but now my husband lets me cut bread (and he can't use MY knives properly). I have since noticed that some serrated knives in the shops are actually left handed knives, but RH people will never believe me!"

Most "normal" knives for right-handers are serrated on the LEFT of the blade - the idea being that the effect of the serrations counter-acts the natural inward (clockwise as you see it) twisting action of the right hand, leading to a straight cut. If a left-hander uses one of these knives, the serrations actually REINFORCE the natural anti-clockwise twisting motion of the left hand which leads to the classic "overhanging" loaf or whatever is being cut. All our knives are serrated on the RIGHT side of the blade to give the correct balanced action for left-handers and generally people are very pleased that they can suddenly cut straight!

Cutting with a left-handed knife

The correct way for a left-hander
The serrations are on the right side of the blade to counterbalance the natural inward twisting motion of the left hand, giving a nice straight cut.

Cutting with a right-handed knife The wrong way
The serrations on a normal bread knife exaggerate the natural twisting motion of the left hand leading to a curved slice and an overhanging loaf.

Confusion arises because some manufacturers make their "normal" knives serrated on the right of the blade - the left-handed side. When we ask them about it, they do not have good explanation, and most have never really thought about it - they have just always done it that way!

We are very interested to know what Club members think about this - have you had any problems with cutting and are some of the "normal" knives you have got serrated for left-handers by accident? Have you tried a left-handed knife and noticed any improvement? Do right-handers have trouble using a left-handed knife?

You can see more about left-handed knives in the Chef Knives section of our shop

We are running a special offer on knives where you can buy any two left-handed knives and get the cheapest one at HALF PRICE (excludes sets that are already discounted)

Your country
Bread knife hand

Do you have any problems
with cutting bread / food?
Are any of your "normal" knives serrated on the right side of the blade?
Any other comments or observations

You will be returned to this page after submitting and receive a confirmation email to say your form was received OK


Get a FREE Yoro pencil

Our range of Yoropens and pencils have been hugely popular and we have bought so many that the manufacturer has given us some free as a bonus - and we are passing them on to our Club Members.

The Yoropens are great for left-handers as they have an adjustable triangular grip and the offset writing position helps you see what you are writing and avoid smudging.

Benefits of the Yoropen range

The Yoro Pencils have lovely sharp lead units, with replacements stored inside the barrel - when they are worn down, just push a new one down and you are ready to go again!

Yoro pencil

Order any other pen or pencil from the Yoropen range before the end of June and and get a FREE Yoro pencil - Just add the one you want to your shopping basket and it will be shown as free of charge.
Click here to find out more about Yoropens and see some animated demonstrations
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Left-handed garden pruners at 60% discount

Left handed pruner

I was in my garden at the weekend trimming back all the overgrown bushes and thought to myself how good my left-handed pruners were. So I have spoken to our manufacturer and persuaded them to offer a discounted batch for our members!

These pruners are solidly made rubber grips and the blades reversed so you can see your cutting point and get a clean cut without twisting and tearing and damaging your plants. The blade lock is on the top so it is easily operated with your left thumb - great.

Normally £19.95 we have these available at only £7.95 until our special batch runs out.
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We hope you enjoyed the kissing project results and we will be bringing you more "Is it just me" stories soon.

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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