Left-Handers Club Newsletter - May 2005

In this issue...

1. May madness - new products with big price reductions
2. Gifts, gadgets and webmasters
3. Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe
4. Kissing confusion

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Welcome to the May edition of the Left-Handers Club newsletter.

We sent this newsletter in HTML format as a lot of people seemed to have trouble with the text version and did not see the full newsletter page and missed on on a lot of the information.

May Madness - New products at up to HALF PRICE

We have been very busy hunting down new suppliers and new products and have been buying so much product that our warehouse is now full.

A lot of the products we obtain are made specially for us and we have to buy them in large quantities to get them at all and we often have to pay big set-up and tooling costs to get the suppliers to make them.

We want you to try all of these items, so to make some space in our warehouse we are offering some of these big volume products at greatly reduced prices for the month of May. Our normal guarantee still applies - we guarantee you will love these products or you can return them for a full refund including postage.
Delivery is only GBP 3.50 anywhere in the world and free on all orders over GBP 30.00. Why not give yourself a treat or get an ideal present for someone else?

Left handed, anti-clockwise corkscrew NEW Left-Handed corkscrew
We have found a new manufacturer for this best-selling corkscrew and it now has a spiral thread (anti-clockwise of course) like the professional Waiter's Corkscrew. Make opening your bottles a pleasure by turning the corkscrew in your natural direction. Leave it laying around for right-handers to use (or not!) and they will see the difficulty you normally face.
Normally GBP 3.95, May price only GBP 1.95
Leather conference folder Conference folder in high quality leather
Made to a high standard in top quality soft leather this conference folder has the paper holder on the left and the insert pockets and card-holder on the right so it will all be the correct way up and none of your papers will fall out when you open it in your natural right to left direction (contents for display only, not included).
Normally GBP 27.95, May price only GBP 14.95
Conference folder, PVC finish
This stylish black PVC padded folder with gold corner trim opens from left to right so the writing pad (not supplied) is on the left side with a pen holder to the left of it. The right side is fitted with sleeves to hold loose papers, brochures and business cards, well away from your writing arm.
Normally GBP 9.95, May price only GBP 5.95
Baseball cap with lefty slogan NEW - Baseball caps
Get your message across with this great quality, high fashion cap. The embroidered slogan "Lefties do it Right!" and cartoon left hand look great on the low profile, brushed cotton cap, which has a pre-curved peak with contrasting sandwich trim, fabric strap and buckle.
Adjustable so one size fits all.
Normally GBP 9.95, May price only GBP 5.95
Stabilo left handed pen Stabilo s'Move Easy rollerball pens
This has been a customer favourite since we introduced it last year. We have just bought a huge batch of them at a discounted price and can pass that on to you while the current stock lasts. Each pen is supplied with 3 refill cartridges.
Normally GBP 4.99, May price only GBP 2.99
Left handed bread knife Left-handed bread knife
One of our most popular items. If you can't cut bread straight, you need one of these! The blade is serrated on the right side for a clean, straight and safe cut in the left-hand.
Normally GBP 13.95, May price only GBP 7.95
Left handed leather wallet Men's leather wallet, left-handed design
The exclusive design of this soft leather wallet makes it unique, with the whole layout reversed so a left-hander can open it out in their natural direction from right to left without all the contents falling out.
Normally GBP 19.95, May price only GBP 9.95
Left handed rotary tin opener Left-handed Tin opener with geared rotary action
A good quality left-handed tin opener with roller cutter and geared action for easy opening. Positioned on the left side of the tin and turned with the left-hand in a natural motion for left-handers.
Normally GBP 5.95, May price only GBP 3.95
Left handed minnow corkscrew Minnow Corkscrew, left-handed thread
First hatched in 1999, the Minnow is the baby brother of the Original Fish and has all the functionality of a traditional waiter's corkscrew, with lashings of style and originality. Complete with foil cutting fin, the Minnow will become an indispensable item in any left-hander's bar. Left-handed version with non-stick anti-clockwise spiral.

Normally GBP 12.99, May price only GBP 7.99

Lefty slogan window sticker

NEW - Window stickers
A lot of members have asked for these and we have just received them today. They stick on the inside of the window facing out (ideal for cars) and are applied by putting a little water on the front then pressing out the air bubbles. Easy to remove later if you want.
Normally GBP 0.95, May price GBP 0.45


Click any of the images or product names above to go to a detailed page about the product and to place an order.


Gifts, gadgets and webmasters

We have set up links to some of our favourite online shops for gifts and gadgets and we hope you find them useful. Please have a look when you visit our site and we will be adding new links as we come across them.

Also, we get a lot of questions and requests for help from people who are setting up their own websites. We have learned a lot about how to do it and what tools to use over the years and we have been featured in a lot of articles and on other websites. We are now putting all of this information onto our website with links to the best tools and information that we have found. If you are a webmaster, we hope you find it interesting.

Visit the ALH webmaster pages

Profitable Internet Marketing - 6 cassette tapes

If you are interested in finding out more about the Internet and how to set up and market a business web site, we have acquired a small quantity of the training course that originally got us started and that we still refer to today. Profitable Internet Marketing is a set of 6 cassette tapes that cover site content, search engines, ezines and optin lists, affiliates and much more.

Originally sold for £99.95, we have a limited supply at only £9.95
(that's right, only Nine Pounds 95p for all 6 cassettes in a box!)
Click here for full details and to hear audio samples from the tapes

Congratulations to lefty Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe destroyed her rivals to win the 2005 London Marathon, her third title here, with a time of 2 hours, 17 minutes and 42 seconds. The world record holder struck out on her own after six miles and, but for an unscheduled toilet stop in the 22nd mile maintained a relentless pace.

Two years ago she set the world record of 2:15:25 when she ran with the men, but insisted victory - her fifth international marathon win - was the main goal this time. "It was about winning again," she added. "A lot of people thought that after what happened in Athens I was never going to be the same again. "My mind pushed my body as far as it would go in Athens but today my body felt good."

See our page about Paula in our Famous Lefty Profiles

Kissing confusion

A few members have mentioned to us recently that they often have trouble when offering a greeting kiss on the cheek to a friend - their instinct is to move to their own right side and try to kiss on the left cheek of their friend. The trouble is that most right-handers do the opposite and it ends up with an embarrassing clash of noses or, even worse, lips!

We thought about this ourselves and agree that we often do the same thing but had never really thought of it as a left-handed thing. We would be very interested to hear about your own experiences. Please complete and submit the short form below and we will analyse the results and let you know next time. Also, let us know in your comments about any other experiences where you have thought "Is it just me?" and we will see what others think.

Your country
Writing hand

Natural kissing side

Have you noticed any
problems with this?
Any other comments or observations

You will be returned to this page after submitting and receive a confirmation email to say your submission was received OK

We'll be in touch again soon

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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