Left-Handers Club Newsletter - December 2004

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1. Lucky in love? - Your suggestions on what makes left-handers so special…
2. Famous lefties - a very special person joins the Left-Handers Club
3. Perfect Gifts for the Leftie in your Life, Executive Yoropen Set
4. Last ordering dates for Christmas

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Lucky in love? - Your suggestions on what makes left-handers so special

In our last newsletter, we told you about Gary in Sydney, Australia whose new girlfriend was delighted to learn he was left-handed, saying “that explains everything. It's fantastic”. We asked for your suggestions on why left-handedness should be great for relationships, and the response was huge! Thanks to all of you for your great comments. These 5 were our favourites and your prizes of an A5 left-handers spiral notebook and 2005 desk diary are on the way.

  • Hi, the left-handers in my office are excited about this mystery: Let's see now.....How about, Left handers are like salmon swimming up stream to spawn. They are always having to cope in a right-handed world and therefore are more prone to work harder in building or improving their relationships. Amy Roberts Miami, Florida
  • Through the duration of my life, I have been told that left handed individuals make better lovers. This being that they are more attentive to the needs of their lover. As we all know, lefties grow up knowing that they simply MUST compromise to fit into a society peopled with "righties". This, naturally, would make us basically "easy-going" and, eventually, eager to please. I am a south paw, so modesty will not allow me to toot this horn. However, from experience, I can assure you that all my left handed lovers have been something to write home about. Hope this helps, Mandy the lefty
  • Its very simple Gary, usually when we (left-handers) kiss someone we turn our head to left, it makes our kiss better and different and we have the ability to see the things in a different way! The more you stay with her, the more she will see how different and special you are in you way of be! Daniel Lemes, 17yrs, Brazil
  • She means you will in all probability die before she does so she can live off your insurance money…….. Phil Goldblat
  • Hey Gary, How are things down under? Ok, here's what I think your new love meant... Lefties are very loyal and faithful, so she doesn't have to worry about you straying. We're also creative, so she doesn't have to worry about being bored. We are also gentle, thoughtful and caring. Should the relationship become serious, you will be kind and gentle to her, if you know what I mean! I'm wondering if she is also left handed. We tend to be attracted to other lefties before we even know they're lefties. Debbie Loyer

You can see a lot more of the suggestions we received at the special page we have created on our web site. We have, of course, passed them on to Gary too!

Father Christmas joins the lefties

We are delighted to announce that Father Christmas, (a.k.a. "Santa Clause") has shown himself to be a proud left-hander, and is now an Honorary Member of The Left-Handers Club!

As these exclusive pictures show, F.C. is a natural left-hand writer with a good writing position. He told us " I get so many wonderful letters from children, and always reply personally, so I spend lots of time writing. I have a special left-handed pen, which simply flies across the pages" (helped along with his special magic ink).

Perfect Gifts for the Leftie in your Life

If you are buying for a left-hander this Christmas, do take a close look
at our Gifts Section for some unique and thoughtful gifts.

Some that would make the perfect stocking-filler include:
Minnow left-handed corkscrew £12.99
Dakota watch with left side adjuster/light £39.95
Men's left-handed wallets £19.95 and ladies purses £24.99
Tombow cartridge pen available in 7 great colours £26.95
Mundial bread knife £28.95 (the best I have ever used - Keith)

Click the links for full product details and ordering.
You know that left-handers will love their gift!

Members Offer: Yoro Executive
Pen and Pencil Set.

The unique design of the Yoro Executive Pen makes it perfect for left-handers, since it creates the perfect pen grip, requires far less effort to use, and banishes smudging forever! Find out why

This superbly designed executive pen makes a bold design statement with its perfectly weighted, satin aluminium body and comes in a stylish steel capsule case. (RRP £30) Supplied with blue ink. Refills are available separately with blue or black ink. The matching Yoro Executive Pencil (RRP £25), a refillable pencil also in weighted brushed aluminium makes an ideal companion to the Yoro Executive Pen.

We have put together a Christmas set of the Executive Pen and Pencil, plus a refill for the pen and a pack of 30 pencil leads (total price normally £61.25) for only £47.95, saving you more than 20%. This will only run until 18th December 2005. See full details here

Are your ready to cook up a storm on Christmas Day? Do you have the correct tools for a Yuletide feast? If not, stock up on your left-handed carving knife, corkscrew, vegetable peelers and tin openers and receive a FREE Spatspoon worth £3.95 with every order for kitchen items over £20. (Add the Spatspoon, code 283, to your basket then enter code SPAT in the checkout after your address)

Or why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present, and make life in the kitchen easier forever, with the Ultimate Kitchen Collection containing all the essentials left-handed items for the kitchen, and including a FREE top quality peeler.

And lastly, don't forget the left-handed block calendars £9.99 and desk diaries £9.99 - Stocks are going down fast and we will probably not be ordering any more until the 2006 editions are ready.

Last ordering dates for Christmas

Last dates for you to get your orders to us for delivery before 25th December are:
United Kingdom
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
USA, Canada, Japan
Other areas
Monday 20 December
Monday 13 December
Thursday 9 December
Thursday 9 December
Monday 6 December

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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