Left-Handers Club Newsletter - November 2004

In this issue...

1. 2005 free backwards calendar + desk diary and clock calendars in stock
2. Link your website with ours
3. Can you help solve a mystery?
4. Christmas discounts and free gold pens

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Free 2005 Backwards calendar now available

You can get your copy of the left-handers 2005 backwards calendar on our website here (print it or download the pdf file)

If you know of any other backwards calendars, let us know and we will create links to them for members.

The Left-Handers Desk & Engagement Diary 2005 is now in stock. Spiral bound with a two-page spread for each week. It has facts and information on the right and planning pages on the left - tailor made for lefties. 115 pages. Size: 7 x 9 x 0.5 inches; 178 x 229 x 13 mm. Price is UK Pounds 9.99 (US Dollars 17.99, Euros 14.99)
2005 desk diary full information and ordering page

The Left-Handers day-to-day Calendar 2005 is also in stock. Block design with a tear-off page for each day with loads of lefty information. 365 pages. Size:4.5 x 4.5 x 1.7 inches; 114 x 114 x 43mm .Price is UK Pounds 9.99 (US Dollars 17.99, Euros 14.99)
2005 block calendar full information and ordering page

Link your website with ours

A lot of members have their own business or personal websites, blogs or journals and have requested a reciprocal link with us. This is great for both of us as it lets more people know about our sites and they may click the link in our directory to visit your site. Our site has a Google PageRank 6 and is visited by indexing spiders all the time so a link from us should help your search engine rankings as well.

Our Link to Us Page has full details and the html code you need to create a link to us

If you are running a commercial website, you may want to create the links by joining our affiliate program so you can earn commission from recommending other people to visit our website

Once you have linked to us, you can create your own entry in our Links Directory.

We would like to list as many member sites as possible as we think it will be a great resource for all Club Members and they, like us, may rather do business with other left-handers when they want to buy something! Enter your link details using the link request form on our website (don't forget to specify an image up to 100 x 80 for your listing)

Please have a look at the pages above and give it a try (it really is very straightforward). Contact Keith if you need any help or further information.

Can you help solve our mystery?

We have had a question that we cannot answer from Gary in Sydney, Australia. This is what he said...

I have just started a new relationship and was rather taken aback when told
"Oh my gosh, you are left handed - that explains everything. It's fantastic"
I have asked her to explain and she has told me that it's fantastic that am left handed but won't tell me why. She has said that it's a well know fact, so ask around. So I am asking "Can you tell me what it is about left handers?". Does it have something to do with relationships?

Now, we all know that left-handers are clever and creative and generally great people, but what do you think it is that Gary's new girlfriend is thinking about?

Send you answers by email to mystery@anythingleft-handed.co.uk and we will send any that are repeatable to Gary. We will also give away a prize of an A5 spiral notebook plus 2005 desk diary (worth £13.98) to the best 5 answers received by the end of November.

10% discount on all orders until end of November

To help you get organised with your Christmas orders, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders for Club members to the end of November. To get your discount, place your order as normal and when you checkout, enter the coupon code XMAS just after your address and you will see your discount calculated on the next screen.

Also, we have acquired 50 Schneider Gold Paint Marker pens from our pen supplier - these have a fine 0.8mm tip and write in a lovely sparkly gold colour - great for Christmas cards or gift tags. We will give one each to the Club members placing the first 50 orders with the XMAS coupon code. If you can see a gold star beside the coupon code box in our checkout when you place your order, it means you will get a free gold pen.

We'll be in touch again soon,
Best wishes

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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