Left-Handers Club Newsletter - June 2004

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1. Really making a difference
2. Summer Madness sale
3. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay
4. Famous left-hander birthdays in June
5. New left handed products

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Really making a difference

We received a lovely email this week that we would like to share with you:

I am writing to you to say how impressed I am with your service. I have only just discovered your site. I am over the moon about it. I have purchased scissors ( I have wanted left handed scissors for over 60 years. At last I've got them.) a pencil sharpener, ( My pencils are the sharpest around and the leads don't break any more) a tape measure for when I'm sewing (at last my numbers are not upside down any more, wonderful) and a set of knives including a bread knife. (They are really something.) So may I thank you a hundred-fold for stocking these items. I don't feel clumsy any more. I will definitely be back for more. When I rang to order my things your staff were very nice indeed. It was a funny feeling to have knowing they were left handed too. I'm a 63 year-old Grandmother. I can't believe I've actually got these things after all these years. Thank you again so much.
Geraldine, Scotland

That makes us feel really good but we know a lot of our members and other left-handers just carry on compromising and getting by with right-handed equipment and do not think it is worth changing. Maybe Geraldine's comments will inspire you to make a change!
Click here to see more customer comments and please feel free to send us your own!

Summer Madness Sale

You may already have seen our new website and thank you if you have given us your comments. We are still keen to get as many members as possible to try the site, test our ordering process and give us their comments so we are having a mad sale to encourage you:

  • Free delivery worldwide on all orders over GBP 30.00 (down from 40.00)
  • Smaller orders at a fixed delivery charge of GBP 3.50 (was 4.95 outside UK)
  • Lots of special offers giving you a free second item or pack discounts
  • Lots of reduced prices across our whole range - as much as 50% in a lot of cases

This could be your best chance to see if our products make a real difference for you as well. Don't forget they are all covered by our guarantee to refund all costs including postage both ways if you want to return them for any reason - including all sale and special offer items.

We have put all the offers into one section of our site - click here to have a look

Offers include:

  • Our best-selling general purpose scissors at GBP 3.95 (normally 6.95)
  • Escher left-handed cartridge pen and biro sets at GBP 19.95 (normally 34.95)
  • Darlac pruners reduced from GBP 14.95 to 12.95 and free childs gardening gloves, age 5-10
  • Unique left-handed lawn edging shears down from GBP 29.95 to only 19.95
  • Free rulers with childrens pens, plus many sharpeners, pens, pencils reduced

and loads more, but we have limited stocks to clear on some of the offers so don't miss out
- check out our special offers now

We will also be putting a free gift in with every order despatched as a thankyou in advance for giving us your opinions on our new website.


Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay - left-hander from hell or creative genius?

Did you know that Gordon Ramsay, the Scottish "superchef" is left-handed? The celebrity chef, as famous for his foul mouth and temper as for his culinary skills, has had a very high profile on TV in the UK recently. Two reality TV programmes, "Kitchens from Hell" and "Hell's Kitchen", have given us plenty of opportunities to watch him, as he writes, cuts and prepares food left-handed.

Love him or hate him, there is no doubting his talent and creativity, and even if you live outside the UK and do not know the name Gordon Ramsay yet, we are sure it is only a matter of time before you do..... the Gordon Ramsay PR machine is in top gear, and no doubt aiming for global recognition!

So high is Gordon's profile at the moment, that he was the topic of heated debate on a recent BBC Radio London show which Lauren was involved in as a guest. When Lauren joined the show, there was a lively debate going on between callers and the presenter about whether Gordon was really a charming, if intolerant, man or an absolute monster to work with. When Lauren mentioned the fact the Gordon was left-handed, this was met with great interest, and sparked a whole new line of debate - perhaps his anger and frustration are entirely because he is forced to use right-handed tools in his kitchens!! You can find out more about Gordon Ramsay, together with our suggestions for left-handed tools that might cool his temper on our
special page about him

Birthdays in June

On the subject of celebrities, if you have a birthday this month, you are in very good company with some very high profile left-handers celebrating another year on the clock. US Open winner and left-handed golfer Phil Mickelson has just celebrated his birthday, along with actresses Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. Sir Paul McCartney, Nicole Kidman and George Bush Senior are all looking forward to birthdays this month.

We have put up a new database system on our website that allows you to see our full list of famous left-handers divided into categories, to link to more information about them and also to look at the current month birthdays in day order. The birthdays list is now updated each month so come back often to see who is there. Oh, and if it is your birthday in June as well - Happy Birthday!!

Famous left-handers list
Famous birthdays list

New products

We have been very active looking for new left-handed products recently and we have a lot more on the way. Here are the most recent additions to our range. Click on the images for full details of each product or to purchase them.

Spatspoon - Stylish multi-purpose tool dices, scoops up veggies, flips flapjacks and stirs the soup. Nylon, 13 inches long, heat resistant to 410 degrees F, dishwasher safe. Specially made left-handed version.
Yoropen range - The Yoropen is a great new pen design with an off-set writing position and movable rubber grip that is great for left handers as it gives a really comfortable writing position and avoids any smudging. It has won design awards around the world and is now available in a range of colours and styles as well as with lead and coloured pencils. Fantastic product and everyone in our office is using them all the time now!
Baby feeding range - Mums are always asking us for a left-handed first feeding spoon for their babies, so we are delighted to add this unique set to our range. Matching feeding bowls and drinking cups also available.
Harry Potter playing cards - A bit of fun for everyone - normal playing cards with Harry Potter pictures on - and they have been made with the values marked in all FOUR corners so left-handers can use them as well (you may have noticed that most cards are only market in TWO corners and if you fan them with your left handed you cannot see anything).


We'll be in touch again soon,
Best wishes

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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