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Reciprocal links are a useful service for our site visitors as it gives them access to other sites with relevant information that we have reviewed and approved. They are also valuable to both you and us as they will generate additional direct visitors and also improve link ranking in a lot of search engines. Our site is highly ranked in Google (we are currently PageRank 6 , see Google's short article on PageRank) and most other search engines and directories and is visited daily by many spiders and indexing robots. Having a link to you on our site should benefit your own search engine rankings and may generate additional visitors for you.

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There are a few rules we apply for setting up links:

1. Your site must be relevant to left-handers in some way - it could be directly about products or information that benefit left-handers or it could be about a related area such as Helping children, Teaching resources, Handwriting, Dyslexia, ADD, unique and unusual gifts etc.. We are happy to accept links to a very wide area of interest, however..

We will not accept links for sites with no relationship at all with our visitors, e.g. Adult content, gambling, dating services, hotels etc. - you get the idea!

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