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Left-Handed Links

There are some other very good web sites around the world focussing on left-handedness and with some very good content. We are going to be doing a lot more work to expand our list of left-handed links, but for now these are some of our favourites:

  General left handed sites
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General left handed sites

Rosemary West's left-handed page Plenty of information plus research references, books, poetry, essays and load of links
The left-handed universe Some interesting info and entertaining design. Check out the "curiosities" pages
Teachervision Helping teachers to understand left-handedness and accept it in the classroom
gauche! Left-Handers in Society A resource for parents, educators, physicians & employers
Left-Handers Zambia the Official website of Association of Left-Handers Zambia
Brain lateralisation M K Holder's site on research into handedness and brain lateralisation and lots of links to other left-handed resources
Association of left-handers,
Pune, India
Bipinchandra Chaugule's site has a lot of information and a very interesting Indian perspective on left-handedness
Frequently Asked Questions This is the UseNet listing of questions and answers
Left Handed / dednaH tfeL Interesting site with sections "the world is against us" and "lefty test" to see how dominant your left hand is and if you are left-handed.

Products and product information


General information links

These sites are not specifically about left-handedness but we think they have information that may be useful to you:

UK self help A good index of UK self-help groups and resources on a wide range of subjects, with over 700 groups represented
Dyslexia A very good practical site on dyslexia and education by a mother with a dyslexic son
101 Web Site Promotion 101 Web Site Promotion offers search engine web site promotion, positioning, and registration.

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