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LHC vs Victoria eBook

This is the story of some negative views on left-handedness and the fantastic response to it from Left-Handers Club members around the world.

If you have not seen the full story on this, you can either get it in the eBook below or look at the January 2006 and February 2006 Club newsletters.

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How to download the eBook with the viewer
How to download the eBook and the viewer separately
Apple Macs and other Non-Windows PCs
Adobe PDF version of the eBook
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In January 2006 the Club received an email from Victoria, an irate left-hander who said, among other things...

"I am left handed and I am really appalled to see your website is ‘campaigning to promote awareness, acceptance and empathy for left-handers’. This is ridiculous."

The whole tone and content of her email really incensed us so we sent her a reply and also did a feature on it in our Club newsletter and asked for members views. We were absolutely amazed at the response it generated, with over 700 members sending detailed comments and responses within the first 3 weeks. In total, we had over 130,000 words of responses - enough to fill a couple of good sized novels! Apart from being very pleased by the level of support, we found a lot of the comments and personal experiences to be uplifting and inspirational, as well as pretty amusing in some cases!

We thought that the feedback we got would be fascinating for any left-hander and particularly for parents of left-handed children so we have put them all together in this eBook for everyone to see (well, the ones that are printable anyway!).

How to download the eBook with the viewer

You can download the eBook packaged with the eBook viewer to your own PC
Don't forget to make a note of the Username: lhcv (starts with a lower case "L")and Password: 958359297

Click here to download your copy of the free eBook "Left-Handers Club vs Victoria"

Click on "Save to Disk" (this is a .exe file including the eBook viewer so you can run it direct on your own PC - you can ignore any messages about it not being safe)

then navigate to "Desktop" and click "Save"

You should then see this icon with the file labeled as "lhc-vs-victoria.exe" on your desktop
(depending on your system and settings, it may just have a standard icon but the same file name)

Double-click the icon to open the eBook

Once you get past the Index and Introduction chapters, you will need to register the eBook to continue so we know you have got the book and can send you any updates or new versions when they are issued - it is completely free and you can use these codes (you need to be connected to the Internet to register):

Username: lhcv
Password: 958359297
(make sure there are no spaces at either end if you copy/paste it)

Enter your First name, Last name, Em(starts with a lower case "L")ail and Country, tick the acceptance box and you are off - you can re-open and read the book as often as you like on that PC without needing to register again.


How to download the eBook and the viewer separately

If you want to have the eBook viewer available for other books as well, use the links below to download the two items separately (otherwise same instructions as above)

Click this link to download the eBook viewer (save it to your desktop)

Click this link to download the LHC eBook without the viewer (save it to your desktop)

Then double-click the eBook Viewer on your desktop then click on File / Open and browse to file
lhc-vs-victoria.ebk - you should not need a passwoprd to open it but see above if you are asked for one.

Apple Macs and other Non-Windows PCs

The eBook format is currently only compatible with Windows PCs so to run it on other operating systems such as Apple Macs you will need to have a PC emulator such as Virtual PC or SoftWindows, or download the Adobe PDF version of the eBook (see below)

Click this link for more information on running Windows files on an Apple Mac computer
(this is a pdf file on the website and includes links to emulator software)

Click this link to see more information from the Microsoft site and download the Virtual PC emulator

Adobe PDF version of the eBook

If you are having problems with the eBook , you can download and view the Adobe PDF version that shouldwork on all systems, including Mac's.

Click this link to download the PDF file of the LHC vs Victoria eBook

If you need the Adobe PDF viewer, you can click this link to download it free

We hope you enjoy this eBook and please do pass it on to other
left-handers and parents of left-handed children - Just click the
"Email to a friend" button at the top of the book


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