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Left-Handed Occupations

There are certain occupations which seem to have far more than their fair share of left-handers, either because lefties are particularly good at them or because left-handed thinkers are attracted to those roles.

If you have any personal experience of occupations where left-handers seem to be either OVER or UNDER-represented (i.e. more or less than a 1:10 ratio) , please get in touch and tell us more about it.


In all our contacts with advertising agencies, design houses, TV and radio companies etc. we find more than the usual percentage of left-handers. It must be due to the right-brain dominance of left-handers accentuating artistic and emotional areas of life.

Internet business

An article in the Financial Times says that Internet business chiefs are twice as likely to be left-handed as in traditional businesses. The report "How to tell a dotcom director from a traditional business executive" was published by KPMG. Among other clues were younger (average age 38 compared to 46), they came from marketing or technology departments rather than from a financial background and were less likely to have a degree. Left-hander Bill Gates of Microsoft is as good an example as any!

Architecture and design

The right-brain wiring makes left-handers better at thinking and visualising in 3-dimensions, which is ideal if you are designing a building!

Mounted police?

We have recently been contacted by a senior London mounted policeman who has observed that over half of his senior officers are left-handed. We cannot think of any reason why this would be so - if you have any ideas please email us.


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