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Lefty Is Best!

There are loads of reasons why lefty is best and why left-handers have an advantage over right-handers because of the way their brain is wired. Here are a few examples and we will be adding a lot more soon.

Four of the five designers of the original Macintosh computer were left-handed.

The following US Presidents were left-handed: -

  • James Garfield - 20th President
  • Herbert Hoover - 31st President
  • Harry S Truman - 33rd President
  • Gerald R Ford - 38th President
  • Ronald W Reagan - 40th President (converted to right hand)
  • George W Bush - 41st President
  • William Clinton - 42nd President

When NASA went searching for the kind of imaginative, super reliable, multi-talented people that they would need to explore the moon, one in four Apollo astronauts turned out to be left-handed - a figure 250% higher than the statistical probability.

Buzz Aldrin was the first left-hander to walk on the moon (and second only to Neil Armstrong).


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