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Lucky in love? - Your suggestions on
what makes left-handers so special…

We had a question that we could not answer from Gary in Sydney, Australia. This is what he said...

I have just started a new relationship and was rather taken aback when told

"Oh my gosh, you are left handed - that explains everything. It's fantastic"

I have asked her to explain and she has told me that it's fantastic that am left handed but won't tell me why. She has said that it's a well know fact, so ask around. So I am asking "Can you tell me what it is about left handers?". Does it have something to do with relationships?

Well, we asked the question in a recent Club newsletter and got a huge response. Here are some of the things that people suggested:

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  • Hi, the left-handers in my office are excited about this mystery: Let's see now.....How about, Left handers are like salmon swimming up stream to spawn. They are always having to cope in a right-handed world and therefore are more prone to work harder in building or improving their relationships. Amy Roberts Miami, Florida

  • Through the duration of my life, I have been told that left handed individuals make better lovers. This being that they are more attentive to the needs of their lover. As we all know, lefties grow up knowing that they simply MUST compromise to fit into a society peopled with "righties". This, naturally, would make us basically "easy-going" and, eventually, eager to please. I am a south paw, so modesty will not allow me to toot this horn. However, from experience, I can assure you that all my left handed lovers have been something to write home about. Hope this helps, Mandy the lefty

  • Its very simple Gary, usually when we (left-handers) kiss someone we turn our head to left, it makes our kiss better and different and we have the ability to see the things in a different way! The more you stay with her, the more she will see how different and special you are in you way of be! Daniel Lemes, 17yrs, Brazil

  • She means you will in all probability die before she does so she can live off your insurance money…….. Phil Goldblat

  • Hey Gary, How are things down under? Ok, here's what I think your new love meant... Lefties are very loyal and faithful, so she doesn't have to worry about you straying. We're also creative, so she doesn't have to worry about being bored. We are also gentle, thoughtful and caring. Should the relationship become serious, you will be kind and gentle to her, if you know what I mean! I'm wondering if she is also left handed. We tend to be attracted to other lefties before we even know they're lefties. Debbie Loyer

  • My boyfriend said the same thing to me once, and he said it's because I say these outragous, unexpected things, and he believes it's because I am left handed. He says that my thinking pattern is so differerent. He claims that he likes me a lot because of it. He claims that it keeps him on his toes, and that there is never a dull moment. That might help, Carolyn

  • Gary's girlfriend is a psychic. Lefties collectively know everything, explaining her remark, "that explains everything". Therefore, the lefties should...and will... start a revolution in which we shall be the supreme rulers of all. Our impending reign is what's fantastic. Gary's girfriend is simply psychic. Amanda Davis

  • Gordon Bennet, that's a good one ! Apart from the obvious one of being a fan of Jimi Hendrix and various other celebrities, the common thing I hear about lefties is that they make good boxers - our 'Enery being one, and that some people say that we are of the nefarious ( ! ) or " dark side ". That's it ! The girls a Satanist ! I'll have a Gibson J200 sunburst leftie please. Ta. A.Sinclair. The eternal optimist !

  • The corpus callosum is 11% larger in left handers than in right handers. The corpus callosum is thought to help integrate the activities between the right and left brain. Women have a larger corpus callosum than males (both leftys and rightys). Women are known to be more sensitive and intuitive and it is believed to be because of this integration between the right (emotional, creative etc.) and the left (logical) sides of the brain. Thus, lefty men are more sensitive and more aware of people's feelings. I have seen this to be true in my male lefty friends. This is stuff I learned in college quite awhile back. I know scientist continue to argue about the function of the corpus callosum and the hemispheres of the brain. Hope this helps Gary. Can't wait to hear others' answers. Shea Precht

  • Left handed men tend to express their emotions more, are more in tune with their mates in a relationship. they are also creative thinkers, so there is always something new going on, keeping the relationship fresh. finally we're a good catch. a rare breed if you will. there are only a small percentage of us in the population. hope this helps clear up some things. Bill Belding

  • I'm a psychotherapist and I know of no specific research that relates to a difference between left and right handers in terms of their personal relationships. Indeed, since the preference for hand does not manifest until five or six and often later there's a lot that has occurred between the child and its primary carer, (and later as the child gets to school) with siblings and peers. These are significant elements in terms of how we relate to others and especially to our initmate partners. Kleinian theory known as 'object relations' theory illustrates connections between early experience and later patterns of relating and built on Freuds earlier work. John Bowlby also illustrated the importance of early relationships with a primary carer (for him 'mother') as the most important element in shaping how secure we feel in relationships. This sense of how 'lovable' we are and how consistent our 'attatchment figure' is shape the kinds of behaviours we engage in within an intimate relationship. A lot of my work is helping people become more aware of how past experience is shaping current relationships, especially as a lot of my work has been in the field of survivors of childhood abuse. Oliver James book, "They F.. you up" describes these theories in a readable style and I'd reccomend it to anyone interested in learning more. From a Cognitive-behavioural perspective (Aaron Beck's theory) it seems likely that many left handers may suffer low self esteem and or a sense of imcompetence - adults consistently criticising messy work, peers who are more competent at manual tasks for example and from this there could be two outcomes, one is to collude and agree with the messages, or adopt a stance known as 'schema compensation' where (and this describes me perfectly) we become very driven and very competant in a range of fields in an unconscious or perhaps only ever partly conscious bid to prove the world wrong about us. In conclusion, I suggest that the girls resistance to explain further fits with Eric Berne's theories best summed up and illustrated in the book 'Games people play'. What is her need to keep this guy guessing? It may well be that she is working on a myth and when it sees the light of day there is no substance to it. My advice is to go back to the girl, in the 'adult' to ask her what she meant and if she refuses to spill the beans then assume she has an alternative agenda. Hope you find this of interest Yours Alex Drummond

  • In my opinion , firstly ,she knows that "we" (left handers) are great ,and she was glad to see he's left handed. But i think everything has to do with the position of the heart. Everybody thinks that the heart is the centre of our purest feelings , of our love and this "vital" organ is thought to be on the left side of the body. Perhaps gary's girlfriend said that because he is sensitive, romantic or loving, as many of us are. Looking forward to helping to solve this mystery. Best wishes for you and gary, from Montevideo, Uruguay. Rosanna Aicardo

  • Gary: Your girlfriend's reaction is both typical and unusual in my 42-years of being a left-handed man. I say this because people are fascinated by us. One of my beliefs is that people love to watch us work and do tasks because we have to "adapt" more often than a right-handed person does and is there reason for this... I personally do many things right-handed because most things are not made for the left and/or that for "comfort-sake" it was a better fit. Though most of us are used to doing things on a daily basis we do not just "watch ourselves" as others may do and we shouldn't be ashamed by this. We are special - one in a million kind of club. Check out those that are left-handed. Some that we know of are brilliant men. Others, ironically, have also been a little psychotic - yes this is true. We are complex and yet approachable. I personally try to find ways to have fun in my left-handedness and in life in general. Use your sense of humor which most lefties have in abundance. Do not sweat that your girlfriend won't tell you for at some point in your own observations you may find out what it is that is "so fantastic". Believe in yourself, your blessings from God. Remember He created you as you are with this wonderful and magnificent difference. David Thometz

  • I have experienced this many times and when asked what is so “amazing” about left-handers the person often has a blank look on there face and says “yeh but you write with your left hand that’s cool!” It seems in this situation that Gary’s girlfriend is implying that left-handers are generally more intelligent and trustworthy that right-handed spouses. We left-handers tend to be more spontaneous and “random” than our right-handed peers so maybe Gary’s girl friend has seen that side of him. Could it simply be because she cannot write using his pen or the fact that all his t-shirts are emblazoned with “As the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body then only left-handers are in their right minds“. Is it fantastic because her teen horoscope predicted she would marry a left-hander, is Gary her first left-handed boyfriend? Yours Confused Camilla Cook

  • The fact about left handers is that they are very very special people. If it weren't so, we wouldn't be only 10% of the population, were it? The left handers have all the positive characteristics. They are more intelligent, more creative ( so creative to make their lovers feel themselves privileged and private), more romantic, more sensitive and so on. The other thing is that they are really good at every kind of art (like music, art which also mean an instrument to express their feelings to their lovers in a very kind and nice way). And they are really very successful to live in a world which is 99,99% set for right handers starting from their childhood. This also makes them different from the others. Can you see any right hander using for example left hander's ruler or scissors or playing guitar? You can't see. Because they are not able to do. So the reason or the mystery is that left handers are special, strong and lovely people. If any one has a left handed lover or partner, he/she is really very lucky. They should be appreciated and never be missed. Best Wishes, Selcan Donmez

  • Hi there this is Sophia-Rose in reply to your mystery I think I know what it is! My mum ( who is right handed) once met a clairvoyant who told her that the friend she had given a reading to earlier (who was left handed) was her soul mate, she said that in a past life they were one person and when they died they came back as two seperate people , when they met again therer was a strange instant closeness in their relationship like they had found their other half mum said it was unexplainable!!! the clairvoyant said this often happens when real soulmates find each other left handed and right handed couples become one person, lucky Gary! Cheers Sophia-Rose

  • Possibly because the girlfriend is really a "lefty" and is relieved to know the two of them won't be bumping elbows at dinner! Doubtful this is a solution, but it gave me the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy the website! An oldie but goodie: Remember that everybody was born lefthanded, but when they told their first lie, they became right handed. Terri Ferrari

  • I also have a RH Girlfriend. The greatest advantage is that we can hold non-dominant hands whilst eating! This can be extrapolated to going to the movies, sitting in church etc - we hold non-dominant hands and we use our dominants. Hope that answers your question. Nathan Adelaide Australia

  • Gary's girlfriend is thinking left-handers are different and complete her which is fantastic.Katie Joyce

  • Apparently left handed males are more in touch with their feminine sides and therefore would know better what a woman wants than their right handed counterparts – or so they say! Caroline Morrissey PS My husband is right handed so I can’t vouch for this!

  • "ask around" means, she spoke about common opinion that lefties do everything in reverse manner. May be she feels that Gary's "touch" is more leftsided as compared to her previous experience with right-handed boy-friend. This is new feeling for her and she likes it (she said it is phantastic).Go ahead, Gary! Malkhaz Makashvili

  • Maybe her father was left handed. Scott Mattox

  • The question depends on the girlfriend. Is she left-handed? If she is than she can understand the struggles he has to go through in a predominately right-handed world. If she's right-handed than she understands the stereotype that lefties are intelligent, creative, and witty. Either way, this is the highest compliment a person can. To be told that you are an "intelligent, creative, witty" person should rank high. In a relationship this could me that lefties in her past were more apt to be kinder and creative with gift-giving than anything. I would have Gary ask if she is left-handed and find out what exactly she meant by the comment. It never hurts to ask. Thanks for a wonderful newsletter. I look forward to reading it every month. Thanks, Erica McCraine

  • I think it may be that as we are used to doing things right handed, left handed people tend to be ambidextrous and can therefore be more flexible in the bedroom and everywhere else! Orhan Ismail

  • I suggest that if Gary's girlfriend is not willing to tell him what the fascination is about him being left handed is, he should think again about this relationship. If she is not prepared to tell him his simple request to this (which must be driving him mad.) how on earth are they going to communicate and agree on things that are to do with important decisions? He needs to show her this and try and get through to her that it is not just a matter of his one question being answered. It is her caring enough to answer which will stand them in good stead in later differences of opinion. Pauline Roberts

  • Garys girlfriend is thinking that he is using his right side of his brain, so he does it right (or left) by picking her. More power! Jenn Mendoza

  • Dear Gary : I'm a female lefty in Charleston WV. The lady might be referring to the fact that lefties are right-brain dominant. Right brain dominant people tend to be subjective, artistic, sensitive, some of the more new age or "feminine" traits. Perhaps it means to her that it's easier to get along with you. Righties are left-brain dominant, and they tend to be more objective, scientific, less emotionally open. There's my best guess. Beamer

  • Dear Gary: Some right-handed people think that we are different from them in many ways. For example: in personality and behavior. Sometimes we are more honest, friendly and open-minded than they are because we have to tolerate a "right world" which isn't right for us. They also think we are more talented and intelligent, that is why we achieve our purposes in life. So I think your girlfriend is happy with you. She could think that you are different from others men and you won't let her down because you are special. I mean she loves you are left-handed and she has already realized that you do things better than other people because she said " that explains everything". Don't worry She accepts you just how you are and wants to be with you. your friend Susan Alizon Lopez Tarazona From PERU

  • Lefty/righty couples "fit" when they hold hands, especially because they can hold hands and eat at the same time, sitting next to each other! :-) Danielle White Proud Lefty

  • Gary's girlfriend is probably very excited that he is left-handed because she may well be left-handed herself and that means they are kindred spirits. She also probably feels that he thinks out of the box and that he is most likely a very creative lover. And that's the left-handed truth. Thank You, Fredra Pulliam

  • Gary may not be too far off the mark in thinking his girlfriend's positive view of lefties has something to do with relationships. I wonder if this includes present (and past) relationships with gay males. I mention this for the following reasons. They reside in Sydney which, I believe, is the gay capital of the southern hemisphere. And is it not also the case that a higher than average number of gay males are left-handed? Many females, certainly the ones with whom I work, subscribe to the view that gay men are more in touch with their 'feminine side', and are therefore by definition more responsive to the needs of women. Taken together, and if translated to the heterosexual male/lefty group, this may explain her joy at dating a lefty. Let's face it, it would be a delightful change from the tespesterone-laden right-hander that would normally confront her! Regards Mr Steven Mitchell

  • Well honestly, it's SO obvious …. If SHE is right handed and HE is left-handed when they are lying side by side each one has the appropriate hand free !!!!! Imagine two right handers lying side by side facing each other, one has the left hand only available and is much handicapped as far as carresses go. I Know this from experience. My partner is a leftie (my being a right hander) and know EXACTLY what she means. Enjoy Gary and stop putting such daft questions !!!! Barbara in Paris

  • I asked my best friend the other day, cause she said the same, she finds it amazing because your different to everyone else, and stand out! i am proud of being a lefty, and a left handed person designed the 'lefty suspention fork' for cannondale! charles coleman (a.k.a. Chazz)

  • Of course, the left handed men are articulate, thoughtful, creative to the hilt where romance and gifts are involved. And of course this carries on into the boudoir, where the left handed lover is how can I put it politely, very inquisitive, passionate and always lie on the correct side of their partner. They are also considered to have big feet, and we all know what that means. Take this from a left-handed woman who knows when the guy is right or left handed by looking at his feet, failing that have a look at his profile ? Elaine Johnson.

  • Not sure it explains everything but if Gary's girlfriend is a rightie, she may be aware of certain advantages in the sack. Properly oriented, each partner can put their best foot forwards, as it were! Suzanne Conboy-Hill

  • I think that the left-handers unique approach to all of life's situations is what Gary's new girlfriend may be referring. My husband sometimes says, that to his right-handed view my approach seems "backward" to him. So perhaps she was thinking that his approach to things was odd or varied and now she understands his "point of view" . Lori Weitzell

  • I've always been told by lovers that it's fantastic to be left handed because we are much more ambidexterous than right handed people. In other words, we can use both hands at the same take if from there. Cathy Carlson

  • Hi, Everyone probably knows that the vein on the ring finger on the left hand goes directly to the heart. Being left handed will make Gary extremely romantic, caring and 'creative' - what more can a girl ask for? Patricia Platt

  • I am ambidextrous, although more naturally left handed. I am also a creative, artistic guy. Not only that the women in my life, past and present, have always said I am an imaginative creative and romantic lover. So, that's the answer to Gary's question ; your girlfriend has high expectations of you! regards John Suffolk UK

  • The only thing I can suggest is that perhaps she prefers the right-hand side of the bed, which is usually the side reserved by men. Most women I know sleep on the left hand side (as you lie in it, that is). Anyway, as a chat-up line it certainly beats "This time next year we will be laughing together" hands down, I think. Hilary Ayshford

  • Dear Gary, what I think your girlfriend is getting at is that you receive with your right but give with your left. So shes thinking ooh a giver. no 2 your heart is more to the left so you are a kind hearted man. and when you are sitting next to her say at playing bingo or some think like that she will be writing right handed leaving her left hand free and you will be writing left handed leaving your right hand free. so ohh you can hold hands. how sweet. Hope this helps a bit enjoy your relationship good luck Shirly Heath a very happy left handed lady.

  • Hi there, to the mystery question, I think that Gary's friend said "Oh, that explains everything(because he is a left hander) because he is easy to talk to because most left handers I know are very easy to talk to aswell as outgoing, not to shy to do something. By all the study and work that I have done at school for science fairs and projects I have found that generally, left handers are more open and will just be easy and fun to communicate to. Have fun Gary and try and get the answer out to tell us! Brendan McKeown

  • Gary, left handers are the best. We have had many genious and united states presidents left handed. A much higher percentage than the percentage of people who are left handed. My fiance is even left handed. Also some of the best baseball players were left handed, either throwing or batting. Some of the best picthers were left handed and in the hall of fame. And we had baseball players the likes of stan musual, babe ruth, ty cobb, ted william, mickey mantle, willie mays, etc. Also do you know that lefthanders can write and run a calculator at the same time if you are an office worker? Phil Stillo from Wooster , Ohio fifty miles south of Cleveland OH

  • Re Gary's girlfriend--I believe she is referring to longevity and the fact that all Gary's parts will last longer and work longer. Also, left handers have traditionally retained their hair longer than right handed men. Graham Walker

  • I am writing in relation to the comment that is below. I think his girlfriend might mean that it is very common for left-handed people to have a relationship with another left-handed person. My past 3 relationships have been with left-handed male. Strange as i am left-handed too. I think it could be something in a persons body language that attracts you to another left-handed person!! Well, it might just be a very big coincidence, but that's my thought on what Gary's g/f means. Thanks Lynsey Baker
  • Dear Gary; I'll try to explain you what I've undrestood. You know an ordinary human brain works asymmetrically. So if you are left-handed you use the RIGHT-side of your brain. So what I'll mean that you have the common sense that is the most essential properity that should exist in a relationship:)) (by mens of understanding, analizing and desicion making) ]f you were right-handed you would use left side of your brain. so you would not have the common sense you already have. I think she has approached the subject in that point of view:)) I hope this e-mail will help you:)) take care:) cosku cengiz

  • I think your girlfriend is referring to the urban legend, unproven, that since you're left handed, your, ahem, ahhh... stick shift is angled to the left as well.David Wilhelms

  • A left handed relationship is priceless, my friend colin and I are both left handed, and whenever we say somthing that is pretty radom we say, "its a left handed thing" I think this is becasue no one else understands that is right handed. Me being left handed, I can tell what people are left or right handed its very strange, I think part of it is knowing myself very well and look upon others to see if they are similar at all. Jon

  • Hi there - well known fact that left handed men especially are better lovers. I'm a left handed female but know about the left vs right handed male. great!!! Linda Thompson

  • The idea of an ideal partner being left handed? There's an Australian movie "Love and Other Catastrophes" in which a girl searching for love has three definite criteria for the man she seeks, one of which is that he must be left handed. Maybe Gary's girlfriend saw that movie and liked the idea! I also prefer left-handed men, probably because i'm left handed too. I find many left-handers have a stronger sense of the unusual, thinking outside the box. I also like the idea of possibly creating left handed children. Rosemary Sydney, Australia

  • This is obvious.... Please pass on to Gary that the greatest lover known to man was left-handed! Only Casenova himself! As a left-handed lady, I know all about just how fantastic left-handers are..... and now you all know! Lucy Cornelissen

  • Dear Gary If one partner in a couple is left handed and the other right handed, you can sit in bed drinking tea without elbowing each other (as long as you are on the correct sides of the bed!) Claire Wren

  • Hi there maybe gary's girlfriend is into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which can be used to find out whether some one is being truthful! Believe me.....masters of NLP can tell! Left handed people are easy to read...we give it away by our eye accessing cues. Steve Unsworth Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotic Consultant

  • Left handers are people who pull allot of energies throughout the universe and seem to glide their way through the day with ease in almost everything that they do, they are considered my many to be very lucky, somewhat of a lucky charm if you will to other friends and family members, and what a boost that is to business activities? H. Dean Patton

  • Dear Gary, I've dated quite a few women and have been encountered with the same comments!! When told this I asked what they meant and rumor has it or maybe even science has concluded, I'm not sure which, that left handers are better Lovers!! Yes, better Lovers and more passionate in our romance. So thank your left hand for all the times you've needed it hahaha because all the hard work has payed off from being left-handed like the very few of us. Keep up the good work my friend for me and all the other Don Juan lefties out there. Sincerely, Jeff Foster

  • Hi ! I think it is because left-handers are intelligent, creative and always dress well ! Shirley Karoon

  • i have gotten that line 9403943024 times from everyone. i think its just b/c right handers are so used to their own kind if u will and any little thing will catch them off guard. i have known people for at least 10 years and they will finally pay attention to me writing and say "omg u are left handed!" i have people at work who say"thats why u are so fast at the register b/c u are left handed" (our register works better for us lefties) i have had teachers comment on my writing anlaysis and then point out that its prob b/c of my handedness, then even my mom complains that since i am left handed shouldnt i be good at math when i am not. so i do not think it is just one thing but a combo of all the good, bad, and little quirks. its more of a revelation for them seeing a lefty in action so make the best of it and take it as a compliment

  • G'dday, Since Australia is separated from the rest of the world geographically and I've actually been to Sydney last month, I'm gonna have to answer Gary's question based on my knowledge. Surely, there are more lefties in Australia than in Malaysia. I've met and had conversations with a few left-handed Australians and I discovered that they are really abstract people. When they talk and joke, it doesn't make much sense at first. But if you really give a second thought to what they have just said, then you will get the idea. It's their imagination you need to capture. This is known as "lateral thinking". Sometimes, they talk so deeply into their imagination that they start to confuse themselves,and tend to end it by "Err..Just forget what I've just said". Being a left-hander myself, I must admit I have dfficulties expressing my own thoughts and ideas. I think this is what Gary is to his girlfriend and that is why many right-handers see lefties as awkward/slow people. Perhaps his girlfriend don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him the truth. Chin, Malaysia.

  • It is common for people who are left handed to seem more "cool" to others as we tend to do things in a way that fascinates them, as they watch us and find they cannot get thier head around the possibility of doing something with the hand they deem redundant. This is mostly apparent throughout the school years. I have also found that the majority of left handers I have met have been extremely good, if not godlike in some or all areas of art (drawing and painting live objects from memory, etc.). This also then leads me to conclude that as we are capable of doing this, it would seem we have a better imagination than most, and of course a better imagination generally leads to the impression that we are more adventurous and talented in the bedroom........... hope this helps, all the best, Matt.

  • Hello, I've just read the article about the mystery. I live in Hungary (sorry for my mistakes), I'm also left-handed, and I've heard some stories that left-handers are fantastic and great. Hundread years ago people in my country thought that left-handers can heal people, they are special, like people with more teeth than the others, or people with 11 fingers. Since i was born, people told me this many times (some people don't believe it, but some people do). And I also know a woman, who believes in a lot of things, like wicca, and other strange stuffs, and she told me that most of the left handers have the opportunity to heal people, or make peoples life better. This is what I know about this topic, I would e very happy if I could help! Greetings Flora

  • I believe that she was probably thinking that as there are relatively few left-handers around she was privileged to be dating one. After all we are special! Rose Henry

  • My suggestion - from my experiences at school - concerns hand writing/eating. If a left-hander sits on the left-hand side of the table, and the right-hander sits alongside at the right-hand side, the couple can hold hands (or anything else available...) while still writing/eating: right-handers cannot do this! Jonathan N Palmer

  • We have a joke going around our department at the University where I study. Most of the girls are left-handed (which I find unusual - I grew up in a right-handed family) and we always say 'the best people are left-handed'. It's true, we are the brightest in the class and our opinions are sought after. We're all very creative and often have a different spin on old problems. Sometimes we confuse each other but we're also good at reading each others minds!! Gary's new girlfriend could think the same thing? Maybe she could be hinting at his sensitive side?? Being left handed has it's advantages, I have a mirror twin (shes the right handed one) and I am far more in touch with my emotions than she is!! Gary's got a good thing going for him, and if she doesn't want him permenantly can I have his email address??? Liz Cheltenham, UK

  • Hi Gary, I am left handed. My wife is left handed. In my first relationship, my ex-wife was right-handed. So, I can tell you exactly why it is so fantastic to live with a left handed person instead of a right handed person. We live in a world of right handed people, created by them and for them. The brain stimulations are the same for everyone. The difference is that for left handed people, the most stimulated part of the brain is the artistic and emotional one, while the right handed people's side of the brain that is the most stimulated is the rational, logical, practical one. In other words, most of the right handed people are much more rational then emotive. In a couple, rationality brings habits, day to day boring routines. On the other hand, emotions bring tenderness, care, sensibility, lack of abilities to lie, etc. In other words, a left handed person is TRUE, REAL, HONEST, PASSIONNATE, very CAREFUL. So, your new friend already knows about all that and is trhrilled about it. Is she left handed too? My wife is. And I can tell you that my life is everything but boring. Being so truthful is very positive, but sometimes truth is difficult. So, we live very emotional experiences but always come out of them taller than before. And you should see us in public! We love each other? So we kiss each other in waiting lines at the supermarket or on a park bench. When we meet after work, it is like if we had not seen each other for a week! Is it all because we are both left handed? Of course not. But we feel it is a big part of our huge love. Are you deceived that I did not tell you about left handed people sexual life? Well. I did not say anything because we were told: "Send your answers by email to and we will send any that are repeatable to Gary". What I would tell you is not repeatable :-) Have a wonderful life! Jean Cummins

  • As a left hander I know about this. If you want a cuddle in bed with your right handed partner things are so much easier. If I lie on the right side of the bed and my partner on the left, as we face each other he can put his right arm around me and I can put my left around him. So much more comfortable than if both of us were right handed!! LLanggaard

  • The girlfriend is so excited because now the vegetable peeler will last twice as long. She will use the right side of the blade and he will use the left side of the blade. Betty

  • Hi fellow lefties, I believe that what she means is that left-handed people tend to be easier to adapt to all kind of circumstances, since we have been doing it all of our lives without realizing it! I believe that left-handed people tend to be better problem-solvers because we tend to think of a way to get it done that works, without worrying about what adaptations we may have to make, we just make them! For instance, if you need to cut something and do not have left-handed scissors, are you not going to get the thing cut? No, you are going to use the right-handed scissors that everybody has around, cut the paper however awkwardly and move on! I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day! Karina B. Alvarez
  • We are a very unquie bunch of individuals! We are very passionate and caring, which appeals to a lot of the world. We take pride in who we are and how we got this way, just by being left-handed! Please publish the other suggestions! Good luck, Gina Dyson

  • The Western intellectual tradition interweaves a Greco-Roman strand with a Judeo-Christian strand. The former stresses moderation, rationality, humanistic learning, objectivity, as well as the superiority of men over women and spirit over matter. The latter separated into two further branches, the dominant "right-handed" ascetic-spiritual-judgmental archetypally masculine branch of the Church Fathers and the subordinate "left-handed" humane-earthy-optimistic archetypally feminine branch of the people (apparantly lefthanded people are s'posed to make great lovers) I myself would go for #3, personal experience, double if both are lefties. I think it is the creative side. ;) Heather Gordy

There you go!

Thanks to everyone who responded - it is great to part of such a helpful worldwide community of left-handers.


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