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How are all these things left-handed?

We get loads of questions from left-handers and their families asking about how our left-handed products are different and what benefit they give to left-handers. We have now created a series of videos based on the answers we give and hope they will tell you all you need to know about left-handed products and maybe give you a few new ideas about things you didn't realise you needed!

Some browsers and firewalls can block video content so if you only see a blank below, try these links to YouTube to watch the videos:

Other items
Scissors and cutting

Stationery items (2 mins 56 secs)

This video covers pens, scissors, rulers, notepads, pencils, pencil sharpeners and playing cards. We have also produced much more in-depth videos on left-handed scissors and cutting and writing left-handed

Left handed personal items and tools (4 mins 38 secs)

Covering conference folders and files, purses, wallets, watches, boomerangs, craft and safety knives, tape measures, pruners, edging shears, sickle

Left handed kitchen equipment (4 mins 49 secs)

Bread knives, cutlery, tin openers, JarSpoon, Corkscrews, Peelers, zesters


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