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The Griffix Learn To Write System

Pelikan have been making top quality writing instruments for all ages, and particularly children, for many years and have now put all their expertise into developing the first complete range of writing instruments to take children from beginner to expert level in handwriting.

And the great thing about this new range is that they have designed special left-handed versions for us!

Click here for more information on each stage of the Griffix process

Pelikan's press release on the Griffix range

Click here to see the full Griffix range in our online shop
(and there is a detailed video about each pencil / pen on the product pages)

Griffix writing range

The first comprehensive system in the
world for learning how to write

The griffix handwriting stages

The Griffix system encourages the perfect grip position

The correct grip with griffix

Griffix advantages for children, parents and teachers

griffix advantages for children, parents and teachers

The Griffix range is available in four great colours

And all the writing instruments come with inter-changeable "fun buttons"

Griffix pens colour range

See the full Griffix range for left-handers

Click here to see the full range of pens, pencils, rollerballs, crayons and refills in left-handed versions available in our online shop


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