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Left Handed Golf

Welcome to the Anything Left Handed golf page with lots of information about the sport, links to help your game, equipment and much more.

  Background on golf
The Simple Golf Swing
Where to buy golf equipment
Junior Golf
Left handed golf instruction
Famous left handed golf pro's

Background on golf

Although 10-15% of the world's population are left-handed, there are far lower percentage of left-handed golfers than that. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Many left-handers seem to play golf right-handed, which for many of them seems more natural as they are leading with their left side, left eye and turning anti-clockwise (why do right-handers play that way as well?)
  • Until recently it was difficult to get hold of left-handed golf clubs so lefties just made do with what was available
  • Most instructors and instruction materials are right-handed and that seems to be the "correct" way to play.

Which way you play golf can have more to do with your eyes than your hands and a lot of famous left-handed golf players are actually right-handed in everything else they do. Two good examples are Mike Weir who won the US Masters in 2003 and Phil Mickelson who won in 2004. The trick is to look down at a ball and see which way you visualise it leaving your body - that will tell you which side of the ball to stand.

The Simple Golf Swing

For a different approach to golf success using The Simple Golf Swing, have a look at David Nevogt's book and other training materials. He guarantees to reduce your score for an average round by at least SEVEN strokes within a few weeks. He has even produced a special version of his manuals for left-handed golfers.

Click here to find out more about The Simple Golf Swing

You can get a FREE extract from the book covering the setup for a good swing as well as other free advice and training materials.

Where to buy left handed golf clubs

United Kingdom

We are working closely with one of the biggest specialist left-handed golf centres in the UK and they have a very wide range of left-handed golf clubs and accessories available. A new centre for left-handed golf has recently been opened based at Kingswood Golf Club, near Reigate in Surrey, UK, just inside the M25 J8. They have a full range of left-handed clubs available for testing on the practice range there and can give advice on all aspects of golf as well as lessons with a left-handed PGA pro and use of their new Explanar swing trainer.

Ask for Terry Sims and please mention that Keith told you about them!

Left Handed Golf Centre

Terry held an exclusively left-handed golf equipment demonstration day at Kingswood in April 2004 and again in April 2005, supported by the major equipment manufacturers. The picture below shows a line up of lefty golfers making the most of the opportunity to try all the great new clubs.

Finding left handed golf equipment can be a hard task, as most retailers stock a wide range for the right hander but only a limited amount of choice available for the left hander. We have selected a number of sites which stock a good product range and choice for lefties.

The Golf Warehouse (International)
Browse a huge range of products from top brand manufactures of golf clubs, apparel ,shoes and accessories.
You will be amazed at the great variety for men, women, lefties and juniors too.

Golf Smith

Golf Smiths record of accomplishment and unsurpassed service continues and we carry over 20,000 individual products in stock ready to ship. We are committed to making your shopping experience the best in golf.
Online Golf (Europe )
Onlinegolf has been serving web customers since August 1999. In that time they have become the largest Internet only Golf Company in Europe. Working with the leading suppliers in the industry they not only have a large and varied selection but shipping starts from as little as £6.00.
Edwin Watts (USA)
Edwin Watts has the latest golf clubs and equipment to help you make the most of every round, with great brands like Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Nike, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Macgregor, Footjoy, Ben Hogan & more!
Callaway Pre-owned (international)
All their clubs are given a ten a point check and there is a 90 day quality guarantee plus you can get full store credit even if you have played the clubs. Ground delivery to the US is free and international shipping charges apply for all other orders.
Click here to check out our own range for left and right handed golf equipment

Junior Left-Handed Golf

The best company we have found in the UK is Go Golf who supply a full range of clubs and accessories in junior sizes and all available left-handed. These are proper junior clubs with lightweight construction and slim grips.

Click here to see the juniors range as LeftHandedGolf

Left Handed Golf Instruction

Are you finding it difficulty when learning to play golf from either a right handed teacher or an instructional book targeted at right handers? This has been a issue mentioned by many of our Left-Handers Club members. It can be difficult to learn like this as the left hander has to reverse or mirror the information which can lead to confusion and a poor understanding.

We have joined forces with Steve Anderson, the top professional coach and author of the best selling left handed tutorial book 'On the other hand'. You can find out more about this instructional book only for left handers plus get access to Steve's tips to improve your game by clicking here.

Click here to see Steve Anderson's golf tips for all parts of your game

Famous left handed golfers

It is very rare for left-handed golfers to reach the top levels of the game. Only three left-handed players have ever won Major Championships - New Zealand's Bob Charles in the 1963 British Open, 32 year old Canadian Mike Weir at the 2003 US Masters and Phil Mickelson at the Masters in 2004.

Mike Weir is one of six left-handed players currently on The Tour, but a record four of them took part in the 2005 US Masters (the others are Phil Mickelson, Steve Flesch, Russ Cochran, Kevin Wentworth and Australian Greg Chalmers).

Top left-handed lady golfers are still very rare though and there are none currently on the LPGA Tour.

Name Country Background Links
O'Hern, Nick Australia Nick O'Hern started playing golf at the age of nine after following his father's example. His first big victory was in 1997 where he came 5th in the Australian Open. He went on to miss out on the second stage of US Qualifying School in 1998 but came through European Tour Qualifying School at first attempt.
Weir , Mike Canada Mike Weir excelled himself becoming the first left-handed golfer to win the US Masters. He was born on May 12, 1970 and grew up loving Hockey. He quickly changed his interest moving on to Golf. At the age of 11 he could be found hitting balls in to the lake near his home. After turning Pro there was no stopping him coming very high in everything he enters. Site
Charles, Bob New Zealand

Bob Charles was born in the small town of Carterton on March 14, 1936. Both of his parents were keen and talented golfers, but at school he only played rugby and cricket. Bob played in his first golf competition at the age of 16, he did very well but was beaten in the final. However at the age of just 18 he won the New Zealand open without ever having any professional lessons. After this he went on to win the prestigious British Open in 1963.
Find out about Bob's golf training video

Gane, Chris UK
Mickelson, Phil USA Phil Mickelson was born to be a golfer. At the age of 1 1/2 he had his own home-made cut down golf club. At the age of three he tried to run away because he was not allowed to go and play golf with his dad. His will to play golf led him to a phenomenal junior career and Phil has now won countless trophies. Other than 1999, the year his daughter was born, Mickelson has captured at least one victory on the PGA Tour in every full season as a professional. The height of his career so far has been his win of the US Masters at Augusta in 2004. Site
Hogan, Ben USA Site
Wentworth, Kevin USA Kevin Wentworth didn’t spend all of his time playing golf when he was at high school. In fact it was just one of the three sports that he liked to play (Basketball, Football and Golf). When playing during one summer he won the California State Junior Championships. He went on to play in some national tournaments and did quite well. A few years later he went to Oklahoma State and he has kept on winning ever since.
Cochran, Russ USA Russ is a member of the very exclusive club of left-handed PGA Tour winners with his 1991 Centel Western Open title. The Kentuckian has been up and down on the PGA Tour, riding his ability to make birdies when his putter is cooperative. Cochran was the Kentucky High School champion in 1975.
Bryant, Bonny

If you have any more information about these people or have any other successful left-handed golfers that you would like us to include on our list, please let us know.

Left Handed Golf Centre

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