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Famous left-handers - Entertainment

If you are left-handed then you are in very good company. Throughout history left-handers have excelled as leaders, sportsmen, artists, musicians and in many other fields. This is our list of famous left-handers - with over 1,000 people we think it is the most comprehensive on the Web.

The list is based on our research and reports from Club members, but we know we are not perfect. If you spot any errors in our list, can provide any further information or have any famous left-handers we should add to our list, please email us or use the form on our New Famous Lefties page. We will soon be adding web site links to most of our famous left-handers so that you can find out more about them.

The list contains well over 1,000 left-handers and is divided into 4 sections as below. Each list will take a few seconds to load - but it's worth the wait!


Politics - UK
Politics - US

Politics - Other


American Football
Football (soccer)
Motor Racing

Table Tennis


Name Nationality Description DOB
Buonaroti, Michelangelo Italian Artist 06-Mar-1475
Coney, Herb Artist
Da Vinci, Leonardo Italian Artist,Painter,Sculptor, Architect,Engineer and Scientist 15-Apr-1452
de Toulouse Lautrec, Henri French Artist 24-Nov-1864
del Piombo, Sebastiano Italian Artist 1485
Doughty, Terry USA Wildlife Artist
Dufy, Raoul French Artist 1877
Dürer, Albrecht German Artist 21-May-1471
Escher, M.C. Dutch Graphic Artist 17-Jun-1898
Holbein, Hans UK Artist 1497
Hoppe, Curtis USA Artist 1950
Karshan, Linda USA Artist 1947
Klee, Paul Swiss Artist 18-Dec-1879
Kollwitz, Kathe German Artist 08-July-1867
Kunstler, Mort USA American Civil War Artist
Landseer, Edwin UK Artist - Horses, Dogs & Stags 1802
Neiman, LeRoy USA Artist - Sporting Events and Leisure Activities
Rubens, Peter Paul Flemish Artist 28-Jun-1577
Scott, Peter Artist-bird painting
Studeman, Mark Artist
von Menzel, Adolf (Dec'd) German Draftsman, Painter & Printmaker 1815
von Schwanthaler, Ludwig (Dec'd) German Sculptor 1802


Entertainment - Actors

Name Nationality Description DOB
Adams, Don USA Actor 13-Apr-1936
Albert, Eddie USA Actor 22-Apr-1908
Alexander, Jason USA Actor/Director 23-Sep-1959
Anderson, Harry USA (RI) Actor 14-Oct-1952
Anderson,Sam USA (ND) Actor 02-Apr
Astaire, Fred (Dec'd) USA (NE) Actor/Dancer 10-May1899
Atherton, William USA Actor 30-Jun-1947
Aykroyd, Dan Canada Actor 10-Jul-1952
Bachchan, Abhishek Indian Indian Actor 05-Feb-1976
Bachchan, Amitabh Indian Indian Actor 11-Oct-1942
Bateman, Jason USA Actor/Director 14-Jan-1969
Bernardi, Herschel (Decd) USA (NY) Actor 20-Oct-1923
Billingsley, Peter USA Actor 16-Apr-1971
Bishop, Ed USA Actor 11-Jun-1932
Bokma, Pierre French Actor 20-Dec-1955
Boxleitner, Bruce USA Actor 12-May-1950
Branagh, Kenneth UK Actor 10-Dec-1960
Brett, Jeremy UK Sherlock Holmes 3-Nov-1933
Broderick, Matthew USA Actor 21-Mar-1962
Brosnan, Pierce Irish Actor 16-May-1952
Burns, George USA Comedian 20-Jan-1896
Caan, James USA Actor 26-Mar-1939
Caesar, Sid USA Comedian 08-Sep-1922
Calkin, Richard UK Actor 23-Dec-1963
Carradine, Keith USA Actor 08-Aug-1949
Carrey, Jim Canadian Actor 17-Jan-1962
Carter, Jack USA Actor 16-Mar-1905
Chahrour, Khaled Egyptian Actor
Chaplin, Charlie UK Comedian/Actor 16-Apr-1889
Cohen, Jeffrey Jay USA Actor
Conreid, Hans UK Actor -born in USA 15-Apr-1917
Coyote, Peter USA Actor 10-Oct-1941
Crawford, Michael UK Actor 19-Jan-1942
Cruz, Wilson USA Actor 27-Dec-1973
Data, USA Android - (Brent Spiner) 02-Feb-2338
Davi, Robert USA Actor 26-Jun-1953
Davis, Daniel USA Actor 26-Nov-1945
Davison, Bruce USA Film and TV Actor 28-Jun-1946
de Groot, Frederik Dutch Actor
De Niro, Robert USA Actor 17-Aug-1943
Dean, Ron USA Actor
Diamond, Dustin USA Actor 07-Jan-1977
Dillon, Matt USA Actor 18-Feb-1964
Dreyfuss, Richard USA Actor 29-Oct-1947
D'Onofrio, Vincent USA(NY) Actor 30-Jun-1959
Drake, Charles USA Actor 02-Oct-1914
Duchovny, David USA Actor 07-Aug-1960
Dunne, Griffin USA Actor 08-Jun-1955
Egan, Peter UK Actor 28-Sep-1946
Fields, W.C. USA Actor 29-Jan-1880
Fine, Larry USA One of the Three Stooges 05-Oct-1902
Fishburne, Laurence USA Actor 30-Jul-1961
Fonda, Peter USA Actor 23-Feb-1939
Frazer, Rupert Actor
Freeman, Morgan USA (TN) Actor 01-Jun-1937
French, Victor USA Actor 04-Dec-1934
Gaffney, Dean UK Actor - Robbie in East-Enders 14-Feb-1978
Garber, Victor Canadian Actor 16-Mar-1949
Glaser, Paul Michael USA Actor 25-Mar-1943
Glenn, Scott USA Actor 26-Jan-1942
Glover, John USA Actor 07-Aug-1944
Gobel, George USA Comedian 20-May-1919
Goldwyn, Tony USA Actor 20-May-1960
Grant, Cary USA Actor 18-Jan-1904
Graves, Peter USA Actor 18-Mar-1926
Greenwood, Bruce Canadian Actor 12-Aug-1956
Grieve, Richard Australian Actor - "Home and Away" and "Neigbours" 25-Jan-1970
Gummersall, Devon USA Actor 15-Oct-1978
Haggerty, Dan USA (CA) Actor 19-Nov-1941
Hall, Brad USA (CA) Actor 1958
Hamill, Mark USA (CA) Actor 25-Sep-1951
Hardison, Kadeem USA Actor 24-Jul-1965
Harrelson, Woody USA (TX) Actor 23-Jul-1961
Harrison, Rex (Dcd) UK Actor 05-Mar-1908
Hart, David USA Actor 06-Feb-1964
Hedaya, Dan USA (NY) Actor 24-Jul-1940
Herrmann, Edward USA (WA) Actor 21-Jul-1943
Horton, Peter USA (WA) Actor 20-Aug-1953
Hudson, Rock (Dec'd) USA (IL) Actor 17-Nov-1925
Hughes, Geoffrey British Actor - starred as both Eddie Yates & Onslow 02-Feb-1944
Hutton, Jim (Dcd) USA (NY) Actor 31-May-1934
Jackman, Hugh Actor/ Swordfish 12-Oct-1968
Johnson, Russell USA (PA) Actor 10-Nov-1924
Johnson, Clark Canadian Actor 1954
Kaplan, Gabe USA (NY) Actor 31-Mar-1945
Karn, Richard USA-Seattle Actor 17-Feb-1956
Kaye, Danny USA (Dcd) Actor 18-Jan-1913
Keel, Howard USA (IL) Actor 13-Apr-1919
Kennedy, George USA (NY) Actor 18-Feb-1925
Kilmer, Val USA (LA) Actor 21-Dec-1959
Knight, Bill Actor
Landon, Michael USA Actor 31-Oct-1936
Langella, Frank USA Actor 01-Jan-1940
Lawford, Peter (Dcd) UK Actor 07-Sep-1923
Le Mat, Paul USA (NJ) Actor 22-Sept-1952
Leonard, Robert Sean USA (NJ) Actor 28-Feb-1969
Lerer, Joe Actor
Linden, Hal USA (NY) Actor 20-Mar-1931
Liotta, Ray USA Actor 18-Dec-1955
Little, Cleavon USA Actor 01-Jun-1939
Lloyd, Christopher USA Actor - Uncle Fester in the Addams Family 22-Oct-1938
Ludden, Allen USA Actor 05-Oct-1917
Lynch, John Carroll USA Actor 11-May-1961
Lyndhurst, Nicholas UK Actor 20-April-1961
MacMurray, Fred USA Actor 30-Aug-1908
Makepeace, Chris Canadian Actor 22-Apr-1964
Marceau, Marcel French Mime - Actor 22-Mar-1923
Martin, Kiel USA Actor 26-Jul-1944
McCarthy, Andrew USA Actor 29-Nov-1962
McGann, Steve England Actor -Emerdale - brother of Joe Mark & Paul  
McInnerny, Tim Uk Actor - Blackadder & Rocky Horror Picture Show
McQueen, Steve USA Actor 24-Mar-1930
Moranis, Rick Canadian Actor 18-Apr-1954
Morse, Robert USA (MA) Actor 18-May-1931
Moses, William R. USA Actor 17-Nov-1959
Mosley, Roger E. USA Actor 26-Jul-1944
Morse, William. (Dec'd) USA (NY) Actor 1887
Moss, Ronn USA (LA) Actor 04-Mar
Nadder, Robert (Dec'd) USA Actor 1935
Nicholas, Paul UK Actor
Nunn, Bill USA (PA) Actor 1953
Oldman, Gary UK Actor/Director 21-Mar-1958
Olsen, Gary UK Actor 03-Nov-1937
O'Neal, Ryan USA Actor 20-Apr-1941
O'Neil, Ed USA (OH) Actor 12-Apr-1946
Owens, Gary USA (SD) Actor - TC Personality 10-May-1936
Pantoliano, Joe USA Actor 12-Sep-1954
Parnes, Richard Actor
Perkins, Anthony USA Actor 04-Apr-1932
Perlman, Ron USA Actor 13-April-1950
Perri, Paul Actor
Pertwee, Bill UK Actor/Comedian 1926
Phoenix, River (Dcd) USA (OR) Actor 23-Aug-1970
Pinchot, Bronson USA Actor 20-May-1959
Pitt, Brad USA Actor 18-Dec-1963
Pollard, Michael J USA Actor 30-May-1939
Potter, Chris Canadian Actor 23-Aug-1960
Preston, Robert Actor
Pryor, Richard USA Actor 01-Dec-1940
Quaid, Dennis USA Actor 09-Apr-1954
Quaid, Randy USA Actor 01-10-1950
Redford, Robert USA Actor 18-Aug-1937
Reed, Timothy Actor
Reeves, Keanu Lebanese Actor 02-Sep-1964
Richards, Michael USA Actor 24-Jul-1949
Rifkin, Ron USA Actor 31-Oct-1939
Ritchard, Cyril Australian Actor 01-Dec-1897
Robinson, Tony UK Baldrick 1946
Rollins, Henry USA Actor 13-Feb-1961
Rollins, Howard USA Actor 17-Oct-1950
Rourke, Mickey USA Actor 16-Sep-1953
Rushton, William UK Actor 18-Aug-1937
Russ, Tim USA Actor 02-Jun-1956
Savalas, Telly USA (Dcd) Actor - "Kojak" 21-Jan-1924
Shalhoub, Tony USA Actor 09-Oct-1953
Shane, Paul UK Actor - "Hi-De-Hi" 19-Jun-1940
Slater, Christian USA Actor 18-Aug-1969
Spade, David USA Actor 22-July-1964
Spiner, Brent USA Actor - "Star Trek Next Generation" 02-Feb-1949
Stallone, Sylvester USA (NY) Actor 6-July-1946
Stamp, Terence UK Actor 22-Jul-1939
Steiger, Rod USA Actor 14-Apr-1925
Stevens, Fisher USA Actor 27-Nov-1963
Stoppard, Tom Czech Actor/Playwright emigrated to England when 5 years old 03-Jul-1937
Storm, Jim Actor
Sylvester, Harold Actor
Thicke, Alan Canadian Actor 01-Mar-1947
Ustinov, Peter UK Actor 16-Apr-1921
Vallee, Rudy USA Actor 28-Jul-1901
Van Dyke, Barry USA Actor 31-Jul-1951
Van Dyke, Dick USA (MS) Actor - is "ambidextrous" 13-Dec-1925
Vartan, Michael French Actor 27-Nov-1968
Wahlberg, Mark USA Actor 05-June-1971
Walker, Graham UK Grumbleweeds
Wheaton, Wil USA Actor 29-July-1972
Whitmore, James USA Actor 01-Oct-1921
Williams, Treat Actor 01-Dec-1951
Willis, Bruce USA Actor 19-Mar-1955
Wilson, Demond USA Actor 13-Oct-1946
Windom, William USA Actor 28-Sep-1923
Wolf, Scott USA Actor 04-Jun-1948
Wong, Russell USA Actor 01-Mar-1963
Woods, James USA Actor 18-Apr-1947
Woodside, D.B. Actor
Wookie, Choobaka the Actor in "Star Wars"
Wyner, Joel Actor
Wynn, Keenan USA Actor 27-July-1916
Ziering, Ian USA Actor 30-Mar-1964


Entertainment - Actresses

Name Nationality Description DOB
Alfonso, Kristian USA Actress 05-Sep-1964
Allen, Mikki USA Actress 15-Nov-1977
Barkin, Ellen USA Actress 16-Apr-1954
Barrie, Barbara USA (Inninois) Actress 23-May-1931
Barrymore, Drew USA (LA) Actress 22-Feb-1975
Basinger, Kim USA (GA) Actress 08-Dec-1953
Blount, Lisa USA Actress 01-Jul-1959
Boht, Jean England Bread 06-Mar-1936
Brazelton, Conni Marie USA (Illinois) Actress - nurse on ER 08-May-1955
Burnett, Carol USA Comedienne, Actress, Singer, Dancer,TV 26-Apr-1936
Buzzi, Ruth USA Commedienne 24-Jul-1936
Cass, Peggy (Dcd) USA (Mass) Actress 21-May-1924
Cummings, Quinn USA Actress 13-Aug-1967
Davis, Judy Australian Actress 23-Apr-1935
De Havilland, Olivia Japan Actress 01-Jul-1916
Drescher, Fran USA (NY) Actress 30-Sep-1957
Dunaway, Faye USA (FL) Actress -Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde" 14-Jan-1941
Eichhorn, Lisa USA Actress 5-Feb-1952
Faracy, Stephanie USA Actress 04-Jan
Fisher, Frances UK Actress 11-May-1952
Garbo, Greta (Dcd) Swedish Actress 18-Sep-1905
Garland, Judy (Dcd) USA (MN) Actress & Singer 10-Jun-1922
Goldberg, Whoopi USA (NY) Actress 13-Nov-1949
Grable, Betty USA Actress 18-Dec-1916
Hampshire, Susan England Actress 5-Dec-1938
Hawn, Goldie USA Actress 21-Nov-1945
Heatherton, Joey USA (NY) Actress 14-Sep-1944
Hedren, Tippi Actress 19-Jan-1931
Hughes, Nerys Liver Birds
Ireland, Kathy USA (CA) Actress & Model 18-Mar-1963
Jackson, Kate Actress 29-Oct-1948
Jolie, Angelina USA (LA) Actress/ Lara:Tomb Raider 04-Jun-1975
Jones , Shirley USA Actress 31-Mar-1934
Keaton, Diane USA (LA) Actress 05-Jan-1946
Kelley, Sheila USA Actress 09-Oct-1964
Kidman, Nicole Australia Actress 20-Jun-1967
Kudrow, Lisa USA Phoebe in "Friends" 30-Jul-1963
Lane, Diane USA Actress 22-Jan-1965
Lange, Hope USA (CT) Actress 28-Nov-1931
Leachman, Cloris USA (IA) Actress 30-Apr-1926
Lewis, Dawnn USA Actress 13-Aug-1960
Leoni, Tia USA (NY) Actress 25-Feb-1966
Lloyd, Kathleen Actress
MacLaine, Shirley USA (VA) Actress 24-Apr-1934
Margulies, Julianna USA (NY) Actress 08-Jun-1966
Mason, Marsha USA (MO) Actress 03-Apr-1942
Masterson, Mary Stuart USA Actress 28-Jun-1966
Matlin, Marlee USA Actress 24-Aug-1965
Matthews, Jessie (Dec'd) England Actress - Radio - Mrs Dales Diary 11-Mar-1907
McNichol, Kristy USA (LA) Actress 11-Sep-1962
Meara, Anne USA (NY) Comediene 20-Sep-1929
Merkerson, S. Epatha USA Actress 28-Nov-1952
Monet Bickelmann, Cerita Actress
Monroe, Marilyn USA Actress/Model NOT LEFT-HANDED - myth
Click here for details
Moore, Demi USA Actress 11-Nov-1962
Moore, Julianne USA Actress 03-Dec-1961
Novak, Kim USA (IL) Actress 13-Feb-1933
Olsen, Mary-Kate USA (CA) Actress - twin sister of Ashley Olsen 13-Jun-1986
Olsen, Ashley USA (CA) Actress - twin Sister of Mary-Kate Olsen 13-Jun-1986
O'Neil, Tatum USA (LA) Actress 05-Nov-1963
Overall, Park USA Actress 15-Mar-1957
Parker, Sarah Jesscia USA Actress 25-Mar-1965
Parsons, Estelle USA Actress 20-Nov-1927
Powell, Jane USA Actress 01-Apr-1929
Ramsay, Anne USA Actress 01-Sep-1960
Reed, Shanna Actress 30-Oct-1956
Rice-Davies, Mandy Welsh Actress - Associated with Christine Keeler Oct-1944
Rinna, Lisa USA Actress 11-Jul-1965
Roberts, Julia USA Actress 28-Oct-1967
Rogers, Ginger USA Actress 16-Jul-1911
Ruehl, Mercedes USA (NY) Actress 28-Feb-1948
Saint, Eva Marie USA (NJ) Actress 04-July-1924
Saunders, Jennifer England Actress
Seberg, Jean USA Actress 13-Nov-1938
Stafford, Nancy USA Actress 05-Jun
Steen, Jessica Canadian Actress 19-Dec-1965
Stringfield, Sherry USA (Colorado) Actress 24-Jun-1967
Sutton, Lori USA Actress
Thompson, Emma UK Actress 15-Apr-1959
Tormei, Marisa USA (NY) Actress 04-Dec-1964
Vaccaro, Brenda USA Actress 18-Nov-1939
Valentine, Karen USA Actress 25-May-1947
Walthall, Romy USA Actress
Wiest, Dianne USA Actress 28-Mar-1948
Winfrey, Oprah USA Actress 29-Jan-1954
Winningham, Mare USA Actress 16-May-1959
Woodward, Joanne USA Actress 27-Feb-1930
Zimbalist, Stephanie USA Actress 08-Oct-1956


Entertainment - Authors

Name Nationality Description DOB
O'Hanlon, Redmond Travel writer - Humorous
Reve, Gerard Dutch Writer 14-Dec-1943
Adams, Douglas UK Author (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) Mar - 1952
Anderson, Hans Christian Danish Writer 02-May-1805
Baldwin, James USA Novelist - "Go tell it on the Mountain" 2-Aug-1924
Barry, Dave USA Journalist 1947
Beard, Peter USA Author
Benchley, Peter USA Novelist -author of "JAWS" 8-May-1940
Berk, Howard USA Author - "writer of the Rockford Files" 08-May-1940
Bowen, Bet Novelist
Bryson, Bill USA Travel writer - Humorous 1951
Carlyle, Thomas UK Switched to left due to injury 05-Dec-1795
Carroll, Lewis UK Writer 27-Jan-1832
Condon, Richard USA(NY) Novelist 1915
De Kay, James USA Author
Geddes-Brown, Leslie Consumer Columist
Genet, Jean Writer
Greer, Germaine Australian Journalist & Author 29-Jan-1939
Haffaker, Sandy Writer
Hooven Santmyer, Helen Novelist
Kafka, Franz Writer
Kennedy, Caroline USA (NY) Writer 27-Nov-1957
MacKenzie, Compton Writer
McLuhan, Marshall Canadian Media Guru- "philosopher of communications" 21-Jul-1911
Michener, James A. Writer 03-Feb
Paul, Dr.Diane
Scallion, Gordon Michael Psychic/Author
Schwartz, Berthold German Author & inventor of the gun 14th Century
Stefanov, Viktoria
Turtledove, Harry USA (CA) Author 14-Jun-1949
Twain, Mark USA (MO) Writer 30-Nov-1835
Wells, H.G. England Writer 21-Sep-1866
Welty, Eudora
West, Jessamyn USA Author 1907


Entertainment - Cartoons

Name Nationality Description DOB
Bear, Big Blue USA Jim Henson Creation
Brethed, Berke USA Cartoonist
Caniff, Milton (Dcd) USA Cartoonist 28-Feb-1907
Crumb, Robert USA Cartoonist 30-Aug-1943
Groening, Matt USA Cartoonist - Creator of the Simpsons 15-Feb-1954
Guisevite, Cathy Cartoonist
Mauldin, Bill Cartoonist 29-Oct-1921
Oliphand, Pat Cartoonist
Searle, Ronald Cartoonist
Simpson, Bart USA Cartoon Character 19-April-1987


Entertainment - Comedians

Name Nationality Description DOB
Bowditch, Steve Comedian
Brown, Faith UK (Liverpool) Comedienne 28-May-1944
Bruce, Lenny (Dec'd) USA Comedian 13-Oct-1925
Carey, Drew USA (OH) Comedian 23-May-1958
Collins, Bobby USA (AL) Comedian 26-Aug-1976
Mandel, Howie Canadian Comedian 29-Nov-1955
Marx, Harpo USA (NY) Comedian 23-Nov-1888
Piscopo, Joe USA (NJ) Comedian 17-Jun-1951
Rickles, Don USA Comedian 08-May-1926
Seinfeld, Jerry USA (Brooklyn) Comedian 29-Apr-1954
Smothers, Dick USA Comedian 20-Nov-1939
Thomas, Terry Comedian
Torn, Rip USA Comedian 06-Feb-1931


Entertainment - Fashion

Name Nationality Description DOB
Gaultier, Jean-Paul Fashion Designer
Messinger, Melinda Super Model 23-Feb-1971


Entertainment - Film

Name Nationality Description DOB
Arch, Jeff USA Feature Film screenwriter
Beaton, Cecil (Dcd) UK Photographer/Costume Designer 1904
Berg, Peter USA (NY) Actor/Director 11-Mar-1964
Bruns, Phil USA Film & TV Actor 2-May-1931
Cameron, James Canadian Director 16-Aug-1954
Campbell, Bruce USA Actor, Producer and Director 22-Jun-1958
Coen, Joel USA (MN) Director 29-Nov-1955
Lee, Spike USA (Georgia) Director 20-Mar-1957
Skurnik, Murray Creative Director


Entertainment - Journalists

Name Nationality Description DOB
Koppel, Ted Journalist
Magnusson, Magnus Scottish Journalist - (Mastermind) 1929
Murrow, Edward R. USA(NC) Correspondent 25-Apr.1908
Sawyer, Forrest Journalist


Entertainment - Magicians

Name Nationality Description DOB
Daniels, Paul Magician


Entertainment - Music

Name Nationality Description DOB
Albarn, Damon UK Singer with Blur 23-Mar-1968
Allman, Greg Musician
Ark, Brad Vander Musician
Armstrong, Tim Singer/Guitarist
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel German Composer 08-Mar-1714
Bentyne, Cheryl USA (WA) Singer with Manhatten Transfer 17-Jan-1954
Bowie, David UK Singer 8-Jan-1947
Byrne, David Scottish Talking Heads 14-May-1952
Campbell, Ali UK Singer with UB 40 15-Feb-1959
Campbell, Glen USA Singer 22-Apr-1936
Campbell, Robin UK Singer with UB 40 25-Dec-1954
Carr, Vikki USA Singer 19-Jul-1941
Caruso, Enrico Italian Tenor 27-Feb-1873
Casals, Pablo Spain Cellist 29-Dec-1876
Castle, Jeremy USA Country music singer, songwriter, Oklahoma 2-Aug-1974
Cobain, Kurt (Decd.) USA- LA Lead singer of Nirvana 20-Feb-1967
Cockburn, Bruce Canadian Signer Song Writer 27-May-1945
Cokes, Ray UK (IOW) Video Jocky 24-Feb-1948
Cole, Natalie USA- LA Singer 6-Feb-1950
Collins, Phil UK Musician/Actor 30-Jan-1951
Collins, Dorothy Canadian Singer 18-Nov-1926
Copeland, Stewart USA Composer 16-Jul-1952
Corgan, Billy USA (IL) Singer - "Smashing Pumpkins" 17-Mar-1967
Cyrus, Billy Ray USA (KY) Musician - sang "Achy breaky heart" 25-Aug-1961
Dale, Dick USA (Mass) Guitarist - "King of the Surf" 1937
Dion, Celine Canadian Singer 30-Mar-1968
Dylan, Bob USA (Min) Musician 24-May-1941
Easton, Elliott Musician
Everly, Phil USA Chicago The Everly Brothers 19-Jan-1939
Everly, Don USA Chicago The Everly Brothers 1-Feb-1937
Fleck, Bela Jazz Musician
Foster, David Canadian Musician, Producer,Composor
Frey, Glenn USA (Detroit) The Eagles 6-Nov-1948
Gales, Eric Guitarist
Gallagher, Noel UK Oasis singer/writer 29-May-1967
Garner, Errol (Dec'd) USA (Pittsberg) Jazz Pianist 15-Jun-1921
Gayle, Crystal USA (KY) Singer 9-Jan-1951
Geldof, Bob Singer 5-Oct-1954
Gibb, Barry UK (IOM) Bee Gees 1-Sep-1946
Gould, Glenn Pianist
Griffin, Kevin Guitarist & Lead Singer
Hanson, Zac USA Musician 22-Oct-1985
Hauser, Tim Singer with Manhatton Transfer 12-Dec-1941
Hayes, Isaac USA (TN) Musician "blues" 20-Aug-1942
Hedley, Thomas Vocalist/Musician
Hendrix, Jimi (Dec'd) USA (Seattle) Musician/Guitarist 27-Nov-1942
Hill, Lauryn USA (NJ) Singer 25-May-1975
Howdy, Boy Singer
Iommi, Tony England Black Sabbat 19-Feb-1948
King, Albert (Decd) USA (Miss) Musician 25-Apr-1923
King, Mark Guitarist
Knopfler, Mark Gutarist with Dire Straits
Koenig, Walter USA Actor - Chekov in Star Trek 14-Sep-1936
Leitch, Donovan Musician
Lennox, Annie Scotland Singer 25-Dec-1954
Lydon, John John Lyndon - Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols
Manchester, Melissa USA (NY) Singer 15-Feb-1951
Mangione, Chuck USA Trumpet 29-Nov-1940
Marsalis, Wynton Musician
Martin, Ricky Puerto Rico Singer 24-Dec-1971
Mathers, Marshall USA Singer - Eminem
McBride, Martina USA Country Singer 29-Jul-1966
McCartney, Sir Paul UK The Beatles 18-Jun-1942
McKay, Al Guitarist/Writer
Melonson, Christie Marie Opera
Michael, George UK Wham -Singer/Songwriter 25-Jun-1963
Moore, Gary Northern Irish Guitarist with Thin Lizzie, Colosseum II, Skid Row 04-Apr-1942
Morris, Colonel Robert USA Songwriter, musician, country music
Mozart, Wolfgang Amedeus Composer
Nero, Peter USA Composer/Actor 22-May
Oliva, Jon Musician
Pace, Ian Drummer
Paganini, Niccolo Violinist
Paul, Alan USA (NJ) Singer with Manhatten Transfer 23-Nov-1949
Perry, Joe Singer with Aerosmith
Plant, Robert England Musician - Led Zepplin 20-Aug-1948
Porter, Cole (Dec'd) USA (IN) Musician Composer 09-Jun-1892
Prokofiev, Serge Composer
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Russian Composer 01-Apr-1873
Ravel, Maurice (Dec'd) French Composer 07-Mar-1875
Rawls, Lou USA Musician 01-Dec-1936
Rush, Otis Musician
Schumann, Robert Composer
Seal, England Singer 19-Feb-1963
Seed, Christopher UK Pianist
Siegel, Janis USA (NY) Singer with Manhatten Transfer 23-July-1952
Simon, Carly USA Singer 25-Jun-1945
Simon, Paul Simon & Garfunkel 13-Oct-1941
Stardust, Ziggy UK Alter Ego of Bowie
Starr, Ringo Drummer with the Beatles 07-Jul-1940
Sting, Singer 02-Oct-1951
Stipe, Michael USA Lead singer with R.E.M. 04-Jan-1960
Szabo, Rich Trumpeter
Taylor, Roger UK Drummer, Guitarist and Singer 26-Jul-1949
Taylor, Roger Musician
Tim, Tiny (Dcd) USA Singer 12-Apr-1930
Transfer, The Manhatten USA All 4 are left-handed - see individual entries various
Van Beethoven, Ludwig German Composer 16-Dec-1770
White, Lenny Drummer
Williams, Paul USA Song-writer 19-Sep-1940
Womack, Bobby Musician
Yrjana, Aki W Musician


Entertainment - Other

Name Nationality Description DOB
Geller, Uri Israeli Psychokinetic performer 20-Dec-1946
Michaels, Shawn WWF Wrestler
Simmons, Richard USA Exercise Guru 12-Jul-1948


Entertainment - Poets

Name Nationality Description DOB
Uhland, Ludwig German Poet 26-Apr-1787
von Goethe, Joann Wolfgang Poet
Warner, Samuel C Poet


Entertainment - Radio

Name Nationality Description DOB
Finkelman, Danny Radio Broadcaster
Jameson, Derek Radio Presenter
Love, Adrian


Entertainment - TV

Name Nationality Description DOB
Allen, Tim USA (Colorado) Actor/Comedian 13-Jun-1953
Allyson, June Actress -film & later TV 7-Oct-1917
Babcock, Barbara USA Actress 27-Feb-1937
Baer, Max USA Actor - "Beverly Hillbillies 4-Dec-1937
Baker, Cheryl UK Singer/Presenter 8-Mar-1955
Barnes, Carol England Newscaster
Baskin, Roberta USA TV Reporter
Beadle, Jeremy England Presenter 12-Apr-1783
Beckman, Johnny USA TV New Anchor
Black, Denise UK Actress - ex Coronation Street 1959
Blake, Robert USA Actor 18-Sep-1933
Blakeney, Gayle Australian Actress ex neighbour
Brookes, Susan ITV This Morning
Campbell, Joanne UK Actress (Us Girls) 8-Feb-1964
Carolgees, Bob UK Comedian - with "Spit the Dog"
Carter, Vic USA TV News Anchor
Clancy, Jim USA CNN Newsman/Presenter
Clary, Julian England Comedian 25-May-1959
Clifton, Bernie Comedian
Crowther, Leslie (Dec'd) UK TV Host 6-Feb-1933
Curling, Rob UK BBC SE News
Curry, Ann UK TV Reporter
Davis, Meg Actress
Dimmock, Charlie BBC Ground Force
Dorn, Michael USA (TX) Actor 9-Dec-1952
Doyle, Jerry USA (NY) Actor 16-Jul-1956
Drumond, John TV Reporter
Emberg, Bella Commedienne
Farmer, John TV News Anchor
Floyd, Keith Uses Chopsticks LH
Ford, Rosemary England Hostess for the "Generation Game" u/k
Forfar, Ronald Bread
Funt, Allen(Dec'd) USA TV Producer/Candid Camera(USA) 16-Sep-1914
Garden, Graham Comedian (Goodies)
Greene, Sarah
Grossman, Lloyd Presenter-Masterchef
Henson, Jim (Dec'd) USA (MS) Puppeteer - (Kermit the Frog) 24-Sep-1936
Henson, John TV Host
Hill, Katy Presenter
Hodgson, Joel TV Host
Hussey, Marmaduke Former Chairman BBC
Iles, Jon England Actor (The Bill - DC Mike Dashwood) May-1954
James, Sara NBC TV Reporter
Jarman, Derek Journalist
Jennings, Peter Canada (T) ABC Journalist 29-Aug-1939
Junkin, John Writer/Comedian
Kemp, Ross England Actor - Grant Mitchell of "Eastenders" 1-Jul-1964
Khan, Riz CNN News Anchor
Kinnear, Greg TV Host
Koskinen, Ripsa MTV3 News Anchor
Lauer, Mark TV Host
Lawrence, Sophie UK "Eastenders" - Diane Butcher
Leno, Jay USA (NY) Late Night TV Show Host (USA) 28-Apr-1950
Letterman, David USA (Ind) Late Night TV Show (USA) 12-Apr-1947
Lithgo, Lynette BBC news
Little, Sid Comedian (& Large)
Martindale, Wink Game Show Host (USA)
Mayal, Rik UK Writer/Comedian 07-Mar-1958
McGrath, Rory Comedian/Impressions
Meyer, Laurie BBC AM
Morris, Juliet BBC News Reporter
Muschamp, Jessica Australian Actress ex neighbour
Newley, Anthony UK Actor 24-Sep-1931
O'Brien, Richard Host of Crystal Maze - also wrote Rocky Horror Show
O'Brien, Dominick World Memory Champ
Owens, Gary USA TV Personality 10-May-1946
Pace, Norman Comedian, Hale & Pace
Papsley May, Anne Austrlian Actress ex neighbour
Parsons, Nicholas England Presenter
Perry, Luke USA Actor 11-Oct-1966
Phillips, Fiona ITV TVAM
Pollard, Su Singer
Polttila, Eva YLE TV News Anchor
Rantzen, Esther TV Presenter
Rees, Ken News Reporter
Ritchie, Shane TV Presenter
Roache, William UK Actor (Ken of Coronation St) 25-Apr-1932
Ross, Jonathan
Routledge, Patricia UK Actress/Mrs Bucket 17-Feb-1929
Sawalha, Julia UK Actress (Ab. Fab!) 09-Sep-1968
Sclesinger, Richard TV Reporter
Shrimpton, Jean Model "The Shrimp"
Speight, Mark Childrens TV artist
Street-Porter, Janet
Sullivan, Dean UK Actor "Brookside"
Tarrant, Colin UK Actor -Inspector Andrew Monroe in "The Bill"
Tayler, Kathy ITV AM
Tervo, Kari YLE TV Host
the Frog, Kermit USA Created by left-hander - Jim Henson circa. 1957
Treacher, Bill UK Actor - "Eastender's Arthur" 04-Jun-1946
Wark, Kirsty Scottish Newsnight Presenter 1955
Washington, Joe TV Reporter
Waters, Randy TV Reporter
Whiteley, Richard Countdown
Williams, Montel TV Host
Woods, Brenda TV News Anchor
Yla-Anttila, Ari YLE TV Reporter

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