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Lefthanders Club vs The Eggheads

The Left Handers Club were recently invited to enter a team into the Eggheads quiz programme shown daily at 6.00 PM on the BBC2 channel in the UK. This is a prestigious quiz programme where teams of 5 people take on the "Eggheads" team made up of 5 quiz champions.

The Eggheads team

The show is hosted by presenter Dermot Murnaghan and the quiz champions who compete on the show are (left to right in the picture above):

  • Christopher Hughes: winner of Mastermind, International Mastermind and former Brain of Britain.
  • Daphne Fowler: winner of Fifteen to One, Brain of Britain and Going for Gold.
  • CJ De Mooi: winner of BrainTeaser, 100% and The Weakest Link as well as having been Mensa chess champion.
  • Kevin Ashman: winner of British Quiz Championship, European Quiz Championship, World Quizzing Championships, Fifteen to One, Mastermind, Brain of Britain and Mind Sports Olympiad.
  • Judith Keppel: first British winner of one million pounds on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

A pretty tough team to take on eh? We sent out a newsletter asking for volunteers (click here to see the issue) and we had hundreds of genius lefthanders who wanted to take part. After much sifting in the office, we put together a strong team with a good spread of knowledge and a winning attitude.

The LeftHanders EggHeads team

From the left:

  • Danielle, Office Manager at Anything Left-Handed and Pub Quiz regular acted as our reserve
  • Keith, Owner of ALH and founder of the Left Handers Club
  • Graham, Lecturer in Business Management, Msc in Management, pg.dip Housing Management
  • Bill, Confectionary consultant, Fellow of Royal Society of Chemists , Ph.D, has appeared on the quiz show 15 to 1
  • Mary, Payroll administrator, Degree in Mathematics
  • Richard, Environmental heals and acoustic consultant,

We went for an audition in August and managed to pass through after a strong performance with the trial questions we were set and recording pieces to camera that the producers seemed to like.

The big day came and we spent an afternoon at the BBC TV Studios in West London in September recording our episode of the show.

What happened?

We are all sworn to secrecy about the result until the show is screened, hopefully sometime in November. We will get about 2 weeks notice of the date and will send out a newsletter to all Club members to let them know.
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