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Le Monde de Deux Mains Exhibition

Rene Wiroth with Keith and Lauren

The exhibition was commissioned by Rene Wiroth, a fellow left-hander from Luxembourg who has known of us for many years - he was a member of the Left-handers Club back when we used to charge for membership and send out a quarterly printed newsletter. He still has his original printed membership certificate going back to 1992.

Here he is (in the middle) with Keith and Lauren at the exhibition

Rene and his designer for the exhibition gathered together lots of images and objects that demonstrate the differences between right and left-handers and the way the brain operates for each. These are presented on a journey through the two exhibition halls incorporating audio and video presentations as well as the printed images and, of course, our display of left-handed products and the explanations of why they are different.

Some of the exhibits were a bit obscure...

... but we liked the "tree" of famous left-handers

This was our display of left-handed products with explanations and we had samples for people to try for themselves. As usual, the right-handers had no idea why they were different or why left-handers would need them until they actually tried to use them themselves, and couldn't!

left handed products display

There was a formal opening on the evening before the exhibition started with all the local grandees and friends of the Cultural Centre invited. The exhibition seemed to go down very well and the Centre Director was pleased with the response - so much so that he took us out to dinner afterwards!

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