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Dangers for lefties.

There are a lot of things that lefties come across in their daily lives that are inconvenient, frustrating or downright dangerous and in a lot of cases there is not very much that can be done about it - the lefties have to adapt or just put up with it.

These are the things that annoy us, or that we think are dangerous. If you have any more to add to the list please let us know.

Circular saws
London underground barriers


The way they are designed there is no way to use them left-handed, i.e. left finger on the trigger, without cutting your arm off. We are not aware of anyone who makes a left-handed chainsaw - probably because it would be too dangerous if a right-hander tried to use it!

Circular saws

These are the ones with a rapidly revolving circular blade for cutting straight lines through sheets of board. Again virtually impossible to use left-handed, i.e. left-hand on the trigger and the main handle and right hand on the forward support. There is added fun with these because the sawdust usually blasts out of an exit point on the right of the saw, safely out of the way for a right-hander, but all over a left-hander.

London underground barriers

Those of you unfortunate enough to have to travel on the London Underground trains will know the problem. They now have access barriers at all the stations and you have to put in a valid ticket to get through. The only trouble is that the ticket entry point is on the right hand side of the barrier and left-handers have been known to put their ticket into the left-side slot, opening up the next barrier for someone else to walk through and then being completely stuck as the security system will not then accept the ticket into the right slot.

The other alternative for left-handers is to reach across the body and tie yourself in a knot trying to get the ticket in the right slot with you left-hand. This usually fails and leads to an angry queue of people behind as you try to find the ticket on the floor.

The only real technique is to keep your ticket somewhere easily accessible with your right hand and learn to do it like a right hander!

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