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Left Handed Community pages

We have got a lot of information on our site about all aspects of left-handedness and this page gives you an overview of where to find everything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good place to start if you have general questions about left handedness

Lefties in the news

News cuttings about lefties
Stories about Anything Left-Handed
Information if you are writing an article
Press releases


Lefty information

Origins of left-handedness
History and customs
Language for and about left handers
Myths about being left handed
Health issues for lefties
Advantages and disadvantages
Occupations chosen by lefties
Research into left-handedness
Our Left-Handers survey and results


How left handed products are different

What makes the products left handed
Things that can be dangerous for lefties
Find new products that you want


Famous left-handers

Our list of hundreds of famous left-handers from all walks of life. Let us know if you spot any new ones!



Our list of links to other great lefty sites
How to link to us from your site


Fun items

Tests to see how left handed you are
Our unique lefty crossword


Left-Handers Club

About the Club
How to join free
Get your member's certificate
Get your left handed calendar


Lefty Kids' Club

Why lefties are best
Left handed jokes
Help for kids
Lefties at school


Get real benefits from our huge range of specially designed left handed products


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