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"That's great! But no good for me
- I've adapted!"

If that is what you thought when you first saw this web site, then you're not alone! Many of our most loyal customers thought exactly that the first time they heard about us. Let me explain why that is not the case.

When left-handers first see our London shop, they are always intrigued, but their first reaction is commonly "it is interesting, but not relevant to me, because I have adapted to right-handed things." They are often reluctant at first to try the left-handed scissors, peelers pens etc. we have on display, almost as if they might make a fool of themselves if they aren't able to use them properly - as if there was some trick to using them that, having used right-handed things all their lives, they don't have.

The truth is that there is no trick to using properly designed left-handed items - they just work with far less effort and far more comfort. The main thing customers have to adjust to is relaxing their hand more, as right handed corkscrews, scissors, bread knives etc, require us to tense our handhold on them much more, to try and force them in to action!

A standard bread knife is serrated on the wrong side for left-hand cutting and curves off to the right, making thick uneven wedges.

A left-handed bread knife is serrated on the right side of the blade for controlled, even cutting with the left hand

Ironically, it is often the right-handers in a group, (who we always encourage to try the products as well), who are amazed at how awkward it is using back-to-front designed items, and urge their left-handed friend to "treat yourself to a decent pair" with exclamations of "oh, I never realised ….. Now I can see why you look so awkward using the one at home!"

There's no need to compromise

What our left-handed visitors realise through using our products, is that they have not actually been adapting, but compromising in hundreds of small ways in their daily lives. They are surprised to find that within a few short minutes of using a left-handed tool they have easily adjusted their style of use, and drop the sometimes awkward manner we unconsciously adopt to make the right-handed versions work.

It is no surprise that the most common comment left-handers get is that they are "awkward" and "clumsy" at some tasks - we do look that way, but it is because the tools we have to use are back to front!

Pouring from a standard milk pan is awkward & dangerous

We are delighted to be able to provide proper tools for left-handers, and take a lot of care to ensure they are good quality and well designed so that they will give you years of service. The gratitude and goodwill we get from our customers is tremendous, and seeing the transition from scepticism to surprise to delight on a new customers face is always hugely rewarding.

Bad habits develop trying to make right-handed scissors work in the left hand. Cutting the shape out anti-clockwise to try and peer over the top blade (which covers the cutting line) is very common and awkward. The paper catches and tears instead of cutting as the scissors are not straight and the blades are being pushed apart.


Truly left-handed scissors have the blades reversed, so the cutting line is not obscured and you don't need to squeeze the blades to make them cut. The correct, clockwise direction for cutting round the shape means you can relax the hand and wrist and see the cutting line easily.


We know our products will make your life easier - the challenge is in getting you to try them so you know it too! Right-handers always assume that every left-handed person knows about and craves left-handed tools but that is not the case - where in the High Street will you see left-hand and right-hand versions of equipment side by side for you to compare which one feels best for you? Nowhere, because manufacturers won't spend out to accommodate left-handers. Thus, the majority of left-handers are not aware that the tools they use feel more comfortable and work easier when their right-handed friends use them - or that the bread knife is responsible if you can't cut straight slices, not your own inadequacy!

Take our no-risk challenge

Now you have found our web site, you are one of the small but growing number of left-handers who know this and you are only a few steps away from owning proper tools that are designed just for you. We challenge you to try any of our products and not see a real difference that you are delighted with.

There is no risk involved, because we offer a full no-reason-needed refund on price and postage of everything you want to try out. Just give us the chance to prove it, and we are confident we can make the little things a whole lot easier than you realised.

Go on - give it a try!

We hope you enjoy our site and our products and if you have any comments we would love to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Keith and Lauren Milsom
Anything Left-Handed

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