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Club backwards calendar

You can download the 2010 backwards calendar free on our new website here

A lot of left-handers find it easier to read things from right to left (certainly easier than right-handers do!) and we were asked to produce a special left-handers calendar to make the point. It is a bit of fun and certainly a bit different - why not put it up in your office or school and see what reaction it gets!

By clicking the link below you can go to our calendar page and see what you think. It has been set up to print on an A4 portrait page so you should be able to just print the page from your browser to get a hard copy. Once you have printed it, close the calendar window to return here.

View the 2009 Left-Hander's Calendar as html page

View and print the 2009 Left-Hander's Calendar as pdf file (best for printing)

If you wish to download the 2009 Left-Handers Calendar .pdf file please right click here * and choose the "save target as..." option (save link as.. in Firefox).

*(To view a .pdf file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it on your computer click here for free download)

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We have kept the 2008 calendar available as well

View the 2008 Left-Hander's Calendar as html page

View and print the 2008 Left-Hander's Calendar as pdf file*

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