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Dr Johanna Barbara Sattler

Pierre-Michel Bertrand with Lauren in Luxembourg

Barbara has been a champion for left-handed children in Germany for many years and has written many books and papers on the subject. She has support for the German government to develop help and advice for left-handed children as well as their parents and teachers and now has over 100 associated advisors working all over the country. Barbara has also done a lot of work studying the effects of changing a person's handedness and also what happens when they revert back to their natural hand when they get older.

She told us that it is now normal in most German schools that wherever there are books or writing exercises there is automatically a left-handed and right-handed version (and we are sure this is mainly due to the work that she has done)

At the exhibition in Luxembourg Barbara ran a workshop for children from local schools and also gave a very interesting presentation on her work at the conference.

There is a huge amount of information about all aspects left-handedness and children and also details of her annual "toy award" given to companies who have made a special effort to include left-handers when designing their products. There are also details of all her books but, unfortunately, they are only available in German at the moment.

This is her main web page in German -
And this is the English version -


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Monde de Deux Mains Exhibition, Luxembourg 2007:

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