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Profiles on Anything Left-Handed

A lot of magazines and other web sites have produced features and profiles about Anything Left-Handed, how the company has developed and how we make use of e-commerce to provide our range of left-handed products to customers all round the world.

The links below show some of the articles and we hope you find them interesting.

InterForum A very thorough business history and analysis by an independent organisation that aims to help British businesses trade electronically

Money.Telegraph A good article about our business and how we market ourselves

Actinic We use Actinic software for our online shopping catalogue and shopping cart functions and they have featured us on their site as a case study.

U Talk Marketing An article about our business and how we market our products on the Web

Epicurean Traveler A good history of our London shop (which we closed in May 2006)

The Times Online Article about how we use e-commerce

Financial Director How Keith moved from an accounting background to become and internet entrepreneur

IT Case Studies A story about our early entry to the internet marketplace in 2000

Epsom Guardian A more general left-handedness article based around our business and how we help our customers


There are loads more articles around and a search for "anything left-handed" in any of the major search engines will bring up plenty of results.

If you find any more particularly interesting articles about us, please contact us to let us know and we will add them to this list.

If you are researching an article and need more information, again, contact us and we will be glad to help

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