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The Anything Left-Handed Affiliate Programme

Sorry, but our affiliate scheme has been discontinued - thank you for your interest.


If you like what you have seen at our web site and on-line shop, we want you to recommend us to other people and we will encourage you by PAYING YOU to do so. This programme is completely FREE and is a great way for you to MAKE MONEY by recommending our left-handed products.

You can become an affiliate completely free of charge and without any obligations whatsoever. We provide you with a simple link to our site to insert in your own web site or your emails and our software then tracks any visitors that come to our site via your links. If they place an order with us, we will calculate your commission at 15% of the order value net of carriage charges.

Even better, if any of those people then join us as affiliates, we know they are linked to you and put them onto your 'second tier'. Then any orders that are placed via THEIR link will result in them earning a 15% commission but will also generate commission for YOU at a rate of 5% of the order value - you are earning money without being involved at all!

We think this is a great way of doing business and hope you do too. Our Frequently Asked Questions page should give you all the information you need. Also, once you have registered, you get FREE access to our on-line affiliate training centre which is packed full of articles, resources and links. If there is anything else you need to know or you have any comments at this stage, please contact us.

Getting started

The first thing to do is get yourself registered FREE and obtain your affiliate ID number. As part of the registration process you will be given some HTML code to paste either a text or image link into your web page or emails.

Once you have pasted the code and uploaded your page you can test that the link works - click on it yourself and you should be hyperlinked to the Anything Left-Handed web site. Then go to your account administration screen to check that your click-through has been correctly recorded.

When someone you have recommended our products to places an order via your link, the order value will be recorded as a sale on your account and, once we have despatched and confirmed it, will be eligible for commission payment.

For detailed instructions on excatly how to do all this and some more information about how it works
See our page on Getting started with you affiliate business.

Information and resources available to you

Once you have registered as an affiliate, you can access your affiliate account to show how many impressions, click-throughs and orders have been generated by your banners and text links. You can also see details of any second tier affiliates who have signed up under you (you will need to log in with your affiliate ID and password).

You can also access our affiliate training centre for lots of information about affiliate marketing and how to increase the commissions you earn from it. You do not need a log-in for this, so you can have a look at it even if you have not registered as an affiliate yet.


Affiliate agreement
Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions
Affiliate joining form
Getting your affiliate business started

Sorry, but our affiliate scheme has been discontinued - thank you for your interest.

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