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Getting your affiliate business started

This page has detailed practical instructions on how to set up an affiliate link on your web page and test it and get a link to your own site into our links directory. Some of the instructions may vary slightly depending on your computer, operating system and web browser but should be pretty straightforward. If you need any help or further information, please contact us .

If you have not already done so:
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1. How does it work?
After you submit your affiliate form, you will see a Thank You page and you will receive an email with your afiliate ID and full instructions for getting started.

You then create links to us on your web page that contain your unique affiliate ID. Anyone who clicks on your links will be transferred to our web site and also have a "cookie" (see below) set on their own computer to show that they came from your link. The click-through will be recorded on your affiliate account and if the person places an order, that will be recorded as well and will result in a commission payment to you.

2. Creating the affiliate link on your web page
Creating and testing an affiliate link only takes a few minutes if you have everything you need available.
to make changes to your web pages and upload them to your web server.
To edit the pages, you will use either a plain text editor like NotePad, or a graphical html editor like DreamWeaver or FrontPage.
To upload the revised page to your web server, you will use an FTP programme like CuteFTP and will need the user name and password for your domain. If you do not have this, please ask whoever set up your web site for you.

We recommend that you set up a text link to our home page first. You can set up image links or direct links to individual information or product pages within our site later.

a) Open the web page or template you want to put the affiliate link in using your text or page editor and decide where you want to place the link. If you are using a graphical editor, make sure you are in code view and in edit mode.

b) Your affiliate links need to be in this format:

and you change the 123456 to your own unique affiliate ID number (see your welcome email from us)

You can use the code in the box below to create a text link (change the part a=123456 to replace 123456 with your affiliate ID number)

c) Highlight the code for the text link by left-click and hold before <!-- START then drag to cover --END>.

d) Copy this code to the clipboard (e.g., click Edit on the menu, then Copy)

e) Open your web page in the editor and make sure the cursor is where you want to place the new link

f) Paste the code from the clipboard into your page document (e.g., click Edit on the menu, then Paste). You should see the code appear in your page document and it should have lots of html brackets in it - "<" and ">".

If you are seeing things like &lt; and &quot; in the link code, you may not have been in the proper editing mode and will need to go back and paste it again (e.g. in DreamWeaver you need to be in the code view window and click on the text you want to edit so the line numbers at the left go dark blue)

g) Change the 123456 to your own affiliate ID number

h) Preview the revised page in a web browser to make sure it looks as it should. Your text link should look like this:

  Anything Left Handed
Offers a huge range of Left Handed products, lots of information
and FREE newsletters, the original left-handed shop since 1968.

h) Save the revised page

For more information on creating lnks, using images and linking direct to individual pages on our site, see our Affiliate Resources Page.

3. Upload the page to your web server
Using your FTP programme (or you may already have FTP links to your web site set up in your page editor), upload the page to your web site.

In your web browser, type in the URL of you page (or navigate to it using your own menus) and make sure it looks OK

4. Test the link
Pretend you are a visitor to your own web site and click on your new affiliate link yourself - you should be transferred to our web site.

Go to your affiliate administration area (login with your ID and Password as in your confirmation email) and click on the Reports / All sales by month link and you should see the click that you just made recorded against your account as a visitor.

That's it - your affiliate link is working and waiting to earn commissions for you! There are some more details below if you are interested, but basically you are up and running.

5. Making sure that orders are being recorded
The best way to test this is to place a small order yourself. That way you can check the affiliate systems and also see the experience your visitors will have in dealing with us:

* Using our shopping cart and payment systems
* Receiving an email order confirmation
* Receiving the confirmations we send to you as our affiliate about the order
* Receiving a despatch confirmation email
* Receiving the goods
* Plus any contact you need to have with our customer service team

You will earn commission on this test order and get the benefit of some of our products yourself.

When you are in our shop pages, the search box at the top has a price range drop-down so you can select a low price item if you wish. Our maximum postage charge is £3.50 anywhere in the world.

7. Promoting your link to our site
There is a lot of material on this on our affiliate resources page, but basically, the more people you are in contact with by email and the more visitors you have to your site, the more commission you will earn.

8. All about the cookies that are set
A cookie is a small text file that is written to the local hard disk of anyone that clicks on your affiliate link to us. When they place an order, this file is read by our shopping basket and then reports the sale to our affiliate software so you will be informed about the sale and paid commission.

By testing your own link above, you have had the cookie written to your own computer. You can see the cookie by looking for it on your local disk, e.g. using Windows Explorer or through your web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)

The cookie file is called "" and it looks like this:
Name: SC_2.0

If you used Internet Explorer as your web browser, the cookie is saved as a text file on your local hard disk here:

C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Cookies\[user]@7206[1].txt

Interesting eh! Basically it just contains your affiliate ID (in this example 415758), the location of our server and the t.cgi programme that sets up the cookie and the page that the user was referred from.

Best wishes

We hope that you are succesful as an affiliate of Anything Left-Handed and that we are soon sending your first commission payment!

See our affiliate resources page for more information on creating links, using images and linking direct to individual product and information pages on our site.

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