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Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I join and what happens next?
Just click this link to join and then it works like this:

a) you will be shown our affiliate agreement, click the link to accept
b) fill in the registration form giving us your details and select one of the link choices
c) after submitting the form, a confirmation is shown on screen and you will be sent an email with full details on how to set up and manage your affiliate links to us.

2. How do I make the link active?
Just copy either the text link code or image link code into your web page or email signature (you do not need to know any HTML, just copy and paste it). Everything else happens automatically.

If you want the full details of exactly how to do this and how to test your link, see our page on
Getting your affiliate business started

3. How do I get paid my commission?
All of our orders are taken in UK Pounds Sterling and the conversion to customers' local currency is handled by the credit card companies. We will calculate all affiliate commissions in UK Pounds Sterling as well and hold them on your account for you. You can take your commission at any time by asking us to deduct it from the value of any order you place with us yourself or, once it reaches a minimum of UKP 20.00 we will pay it to you on a monthly basis via PayPal or by cheque in UK Pounds Sterling..

4. How do I promote my link to your site?
There is a lot of material on this in the affiliate training centre, but basically, the more people you are in contact with by email and the more visitors you have to your site, the more commission you will earn. We are currently developing a lot of promotional materials that we will make available to you soon.

5. What if someone clicks through my link but does not buy from your site straight away?
You still get paid your commission! When they first visit our site, our software puts a small text file called a 'cookie' onto their computer and if they return at a later date, we can still identify them as your referral and record any sales against your commission account. The same goes for new sub-affiliates signing up under you.

6. What happens if someone places a second order at a later date?
You still get paid your commission! Once the customer is marked as being linked to you, they remain that way for life. Any orders they place in future will come about because of your original promotional work and you keep getting paid commission as long as you are registered with our affiliate programme.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about affiliate marketing and how it works, you could visit our affiliate training centre and look at some of the articles there.

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