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Benefit from our 40 years of experience
Benefit from our 40 years of experience

Why are basic tools made so left-handers can't use them properly
Why should you or your children have to compromise and adapt every day?
Have you had enough of this?
Discover the real benefits proper left-handed products can bring to your family.
Be a proud left-hander and show how well you can perform!

Top Rated Products

These are the 15 products which have been given the highest overall ratings in reviews submitted by customers who have used them. If you have any comments on any of our products, please click on the "Write a review" link on any of our product pages and let us and others know what you think.

New Products

These are the latest additions to our range and we hope you like them. We are always looking for new items that will make a real difference for left-handers so let us know what you think of these and any other ideas you have for items that we should provide.

Gift ideas

If you're buying a present for a left-hander, you've come to the right place! The choice can be daunting though (especially if you're right-handed) so to help you, we've put together some ideas for truly thoughtful and original presents that every left-hander will love.

Essentials sets

If you are trying left-handed products for the first time or buying for a left-handed friend or family member, these packs bring together some of our most popular products and give you a discount as well!


All of our scissors are specially made with the blades reversed so you can see the line you are cutting, and they actually cut properly with the natural squeezing motion of the left hand.

Children's products

Everything you need to help your little lefties overcome some of the daily frustrations they will face at school and at home so that they can achieve their best performance

Kitchen Implements

We now have a very wide range of items to make left-handed life easier and safer in the kitchen, including peelers, tin openers, corkscrews, knives, tableware and food preparation products.

Garden and DIY

Our left-handed secateurs, pruners and cutting tools make life in the garden a breeze. Our left-handed measuring tapes and specialist tools will be a boon to the left-handed DIY enthusiast.

Writing Equipment

Left-handers have to push their pens across the page rather than pulling, leading to bad ink flow and scratching nibs. Our fountain pens all have specially shaped nibs to write smoothly in the left hand.

Books and videos

Our books cover everything about left-handedness, from history and general interest to teaching left-handed children, left-handed golf, calligraphy sewing and guitar.

Music and guitars

Starter acoustic guitar plus thumb picks and books on left-handed guitar method, chords and scales.

Stationery & Misc

People often say "just turn it upside down" but its not that simple! Our range of stationery items have been specially made to open left-to-right with the pockets, pen-holders and paper flaps in the correct place.


Everything else you could ever need - Camera, Swiss Army knives, clothing, computer peripherals, pottery, clocks and watches, music, boomerangs, playing cards, keyrings, badges and more. Some great gift ideas.


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