Escher left handed pen black rubberised finish
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Escher left handed cartridge pen with black rubberised finish

Escher left handed cartridge pen with black rubberised finish (Ref: 363K)

14.95 / $24.52

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This was one of our favourite pens but the manufacturer stopped making them! It has a lovely smooth left-handed nib and is a heavyweight metal pen with a black rubberised finish that gives a nice feel and good grip. It is a screw cap pen and has metal fittings and trim - this will last you for years.

We found a very small supply of these (35 in total) when we reorganised our office - all in perfect condition and individually sealed in plastic covers. We have put them into our individual pen boxes and make them available to Left Handers Club Members only until they run out.

The original selling price of these pens was £29.95 but to clear this remaining stock you can have one at 40% off - only £14.95 if you are quick enough to get one before they all go.


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Customer Reviews

  Best Fountain pen I have ever used  This is clearly the best fountain pen ever for left handers. I returned to the site to order several more and was distressed to learnthey are all sold out. What a shame, I wanted several more. The weight and feel is perfect.   James Frick

  Too slow I wanted one too  I put this on my birthday list. If you get them in again please let me know.   Ant

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Video of the Escher left-handed cartridge pen

How pens are left-handed

"How can a pen be left-handed?" is a question we hear all the time. Well, writing with a fountain pen can be a real problem for left-handers, as we are pushing the pen across the page rather than pulling it, which leads to difficulty with ink flow and the possibility of the nib digging into the paper. The problem is greatly alleviated by the use of a left-handed nib. Most of our pens have a rounded ball on the end of the nib that is machined to give smooth ink flow writing left-handed from almost any angle. Nibs are either fine or medium as stated in the product descriptions. Some people prefer a wider nib to produce italic script and will like our italic/oblique nib pens.

A lot of left-handers have a problem with smudging their work and if this is the case they may benefit from using a fine nib which puts less ink on the page, allowing it to dry faster.

Writing with a left-handed cartridge pen It is important to remember, however, that handwriting position is just as important as a well designed pen. For help with common handwriting problems, see our Handwriting Factsheet

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