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Children's Products
Left Handed Children's Products
A child's handedness is generally fixed before birth, though it may take anything from a few weeks to a few years to become finally obvious that they have chosen their left hand!
It is very important not to try to change your child's dominant hand, but to work with them to make sure they get the best results possible. Part of that is ensuring they have the correct tools and learn the basic techniques that will make things easier for them.

We are always hearing stories of how a child was hopeless at school, miles behind with writing and terrible at cutting things out and craft work. Once the child is given a proper left-handed pen, a pair of left-handed scissors and some simple instruction, amazingly enough it usually turns out that they were perfectly capable all the time!


All our children's scissors have rounded blade tips for safety. They are perfect for cutting paper, card and thin material. NOTE: Young children should always be supervised when using scissors.

Pens and writing

All of our pens have specially designed nibs for smooth ink flow without scratching when used in the left hand. The standard-sized cartridges are available in most good stationers around the world.

Baby and toddler

Having left-handed children ourselves, we know that discovering the world around them can be exciting and fun, but frustrating if things don’t work for them. Children’s hand preference is sometimes slow to develop, but if your baby or toddler experiments with using both hands for feeding, holding and placing objects etc, you can ensure they have items that work well if used left-handed, making the task a rewarding and positive experience they will want to repeat. If your child shows any preference for their left hand, you can be certain our range will be great for them.

Sets and offers

We have put together the most popular and useful children's products and given a discount on them as well. If you are looking for a gift for a left-handed child, choose and appropriate pack for their age group and you cannot go wrong!


Rulers scaled from right to left for drawing lines in the natural direction for a left-hander.

Pencil sharpeners

Reversed sharpeners so you can hold the pencil in the left hand and turn it anti-clockwise - the natural motion for a left-hander. Also great for letting right-handers borrow and watching as they cannot sharpen their pencils!

Fibretips, rollerballs, pencils, crayons

Every little bit helps when left-handers are struggling with their writing. Our triangular shaped pencils and pens help encourage the proper writing grip and the Stabilo range of pens are non-smudge which can make a big difference to left-handers who trail their hand over what they have just written.

Books and videos

Our books cover advice for parents, teachers and children plus practicing writing and some more fun subjects as well.

Fun and games

Left-handers need to have fun as well as having problems with their writing and other tools! Here are some of our favourites.

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