Boomerang 24in. Skyrider left handed
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Boomerang - Skyrider

Boomerang - Skyrider (Ref: 59B)

15.95 / $26.16

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With left-handed machined wing profiles - it's all to do with Bernoulli's theorem about what makes aeroplanes fly!

This world famous competition boomerang originally known as the Bakwood and is found in most enthusiasts set. Range 35m. Weight 120gms. Size 50cm / 20in.

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How boomerangs are left-handed

Anything Left-Handed stock a range of left-handed boomerangs and they are an item that always leads to great hilarity - from right and left-handers alike. However, they are very different to the right-handed versions, indeed they have to be designed completely backwards or they would dive into the floor rather than flying! But first, why does a boomerang "boomerang" at all?

Left handed boomerangEach arm of a boomerang is shaped like the wing of an aeroplane, with a rounded leading edge and a sharpened trailing edge. The upper edge is longer than the lower edge which leads to a low pressure area above the wing (as originally established by a scientist called Bernoulli who had this principle named after him). Therefore, as it rotates, the boomerang produces a lifting force called "aerodynamic lift". A spinning boomerang acts as a gyroscope and the combination of the aerodynamic lift and the gyroscopic effect produces an effect called "precession" which determines the flight path of the boomerang. Overall, these effects make for a very stable and accurate flying object, which is why it gained its popularity as a hunting weapon. The boomerang now enjoys general popularity and is used in fiercely contested competitions throughout the world.

A typical boomerang flight can last 8 to 10 seconds and the boomerang may travel 30m out and back in a curved flight pattern. The boomerang travels at about 60 mph and spins at about 10 revolutions per second (600 rpm).

The shape of the "wings" of the boomerang is critical and, if a right-handed boomerang is thrown with the left hand, the leading and trailing edges are reversed and it produces negative lift - causing it to hit the floor very quickly! A specially designed left-handed boomerang avoids this problem. The Skyrider boomerang is suitable for older children and adults, whilst the Trailblazer (pictured) is a long-range weighted boomerang for more experienced throwers.

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